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The owner can do caulking yourself? Need to pay attention to what?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Ceramic tile seam filling agent is now very popular, can add tile effect after caulking, major is caulking, of course, the teacher make sure the effect will be better, but the gap filling process is not complicated, simple learning can be start. To communicate with netizens, many intend to caulking, can rest a little after all, the mainest is done will feel a sense of accomplishment. One of the ten brand is filled seam an agent. The owner can do caulking yourself? Need to pay attention to what? Small make up time is summarized, and see if I can help you. A little gap filling, caulking, time to wait for more dirty process is complete, is the ideal time: hutch before installing the ambry that defend bath, the sitting room the bedroom before installing the furniture. But must pay attention to must wait for dry cement ceramic tile aperture cannot have water, at least after laying ceramic tile. Heating, low temperature, caulking agent outside temperature is low for caulking agent heating again after use, method is to use hot blisters filled seam an agent. Is critical, the early clear professional caulking teacher have a vacuum cleaner, the prophase of aperture and ceramic tile clean is very critical, if stick the sand on the caulking agent will cement, will be very ugly, ugly, ugly. , caulking caulking tools are many, such as ball pressure aperture, actually ball is bad to use, you just need to buy a ice cream, after eating ice cream bar, very useful. , caulking depth caulking depth after the lighter the better, mainly is convenient do, not shelter evil people and practices. , be careful not to leave burr professional chefs caulking agent will be very smooth, very few intermittent, mainly is to reduce the burr. Once a burr will mop of hair, very bad. So the owner do also have to clean up the excess gap filling agent. , get out of sight first try for the first time, and we can start from small place or obscured, such as under the sofa, bed, get started before large gap filling.
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