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The owners concerned about the ceramic tile of caulking problem have?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
A lot of people mentioned about caulking, we'll talk about this topic, by the way. Caulking professional words can be very deep water, just the same really deep, each industry speak simple words choose actually not difficult also. You care about most is the questions: is, with caulking agent or caulking agent? Or porcelain seam an agent? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various? How to choose, color? With ceramic tile is how to match? And cost? Can your construction? The traditional gap filling agent, is generally cement base, optional color is less, common black, white and grey. Advantage is simple construction, low prices, including artificial cost is more than ten pieces of a square, some merchants of ceramic tile can be as a gift to send. This after surface is invisible to the naked eye holes, relatively speaking, time grew to stain, toilet environment may also mold, such as waterproof effect also. Gap filling agent, the first is before the one-component, relatively various aspects performance is excellent than gap filling agent, however, now on the market basically already all is a two-component, known as 'porcelain seam an agent', than at the beginning of one-component caulking agent performance better in every way. Porcelain seam an agent is essentially + curing agent + epoxy resin paint. Hardness is very high, when dry, of course, also is flexible, don't worry about the heat bilges cold shrink of ceramic tile. Waterproof, mouldproof, anti-fouling are very good. If use normal gap filling agent, is clean at ordinary times need to hard-working, about a month to brush a brush can clean like new. Most are lazy, of course, then choose porcelain seam an agent, at least not so hard when cleaning. If you don't consider the price, of course, there is no doubt that is optional seam an agent. Caulking agent construction more troublesome, relatively more slowly than normal caulking agent construction, is a fine job. Filled seam an agent can own construction, of course, I'm doing a lot of owner are said tired lie prone. If in order to better effect, is suggested to find professional caulking agent construction master to do it.
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