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The quality stand or fall of caulking agent how to distinguish

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Ceramic tile gap filling more and more popular now. The owners when adornment will never neglect the necessary links. Do caulking, first to choose the appropriate caulking agent products. So, caulking agent how to distinguish good or bad? Caulking below small make up just to give you a brief introduce, caulking agent how to distinguish good or bad. 。 Choose well-known brands, whether the glass glue is still a gap filling agent, gap filling agent, look for the well-known brand is crucial. Useful registered trademark, obviously the key of image recognition is to identify the brand. To check the product packaging, good brand on the product packaging, whether packaging materials, is still cover is particularly severe, clear printing. Together, is suitable for packaging materials about the preservation of the product also has the advantages of must. 。 Alert excitant odour products, acid gel because it contains acetic acid composition, will happen in the process of evaporation a sour taste. But in general the quality the better glue acidity, the worse quality of rubber acidity more rich. Gap filling agent, caulking agent is also same, smell is bigger, stimulating odour, clarify the product more harmful gases. 。 Product curing condition, the product of persistent situation it is difficult to see, but the effect of early and curing condition, we can choose a small number of early experiments. Here basically see the curing time of caulking material, after curing the fine degree, colour, gloss and hardness for the product is qualified. Use defect data, not only affect beautiful, bring trouble for cleaning work, can also affect the ceramic tile, wood, using life.
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