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The steps needed to complete a delicate caulking? What are those?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Caulking, with its beautiful appearance and characteristics of the antifouling anti-mildew popular between owners. Someone more gas demand, the massive influx of caulking practitioners and caulking division between the competition is becoming more and more intense. On the other hand, the owner of the choice is much, more and more is also high to the requirement of caulking. As a professional caulking construction personnel, caulking division should be how to deal with the owner of the delicate requirements? Caulking construction roughly divided into clear sewing, sewing, sewing, shovel the steps, but in line with the owner to look forward to the construction, to do or that need to be full time in each link, let every step of the detailed construction exquisite. Crack-cleaning crack-cleaning tool has a lot of kinds, general caulking commonly used with the shovel, the two knife. Did test before the crack-cleaning ceramic tile aperture completely dry. The pen knife, shovel knife into ceramic tile aperture, gently on a knife out of the dust. Only these dust in powder, is able to start caulking seams. In addition, each room dry degree is different, suggest caulking division in different regions of each check a gap. Although the crack-cleaning tool is different, but the crack-cleaning construction operations are generally the same. Due to the difference of construction technology in the cracks in the ceramic tile with different levels of dust, so in the case of not visible to the naked eye, not only should let the blade into the ceramic tile aperture, also should properly cut on both sides of ceramic tile aperture, the ceramic tile aperture of the dust out of the cracks. Process of qing seam caulking teacher also should according to the situation of ceramic tile to choose the right tools. If there are more concrete of ceramic tile aperture, the shovel of applying range is evener, use it to clear seam is better. If the ceramic tile aperture is fragile, is in danger of BengCi, using relative construction flexible pen knife is better. Crack-cleaning finished, if the dust is more, on either side of the ceramic tile can use first brush brush away dust evenly on clean, simple tidy up. Aspiration using shovel knife, knife after clean up the gap, for hidden in the depths of the surface of the dust and some small dust, they need to use industrial cleaner clean thoroughly. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the gap, a gap is needed in the caulking division roughly two or three times back and forth. Aspiration after ceramic tile internal have been cleaned up, both sides of the tile is likely to leave some tiny dust, caulking division needs in the gap on both sides of the completely wipe with a clean wet rag again and maintain the cleanliness of the ceramic tile aperture integral. If the entrance is wearing overshoes caulking, after to finish the work, it should be replaced with another clean shoe covers. Wax some archaize brick, wood grain brick surface is rough, the caulking will not be too easy to wipe out the remaining material after curing. Other caulking where the temperature is too low, the temperature of ceramic tile also is too low, caulking can appear more brittle phenomenon after curing, excess stock is more difficult to clean up. The above two phenomena, can avoid excess stock by wax difficult to clean up the problem. Caulking wax most is transparent, so caulking division in the process of wax need some carefully, to ensure that every crack evenly with wax. Seam before the formal caulking construction, caulking teacher need to use glue gun before extrusion caulking ml or so products, so that the gap filling product mix. At the seam formed between the need to let the glue guns and ceramic tile aperture ° Angle, under as a joint effort. Ceramic tile seam filling agent products play materials need to be according to the Angle of the straight line, from top to bottom from bottom to top, from left to right, from right to left in the order. And, in the process of playing seam, want to hand glue guns, moving at a constant speed, the fill every crack interior caulking products. Each play a gap, need to press the glue gun to release the pressure of the glue guns in a timely manner, and in the back glue guns push switch, prevent caulking products continue to flow out. Seam pressure after a group of caulking product has finished, then press to begin sewing operation. Seam pressure with pressure sewing tools will caulking, and a little hard, let the caulking and plane form v-shaped grooves, this gap filling product will not parallel to the ground, can reduce some wear and prolong the life of caulking products. Encounter caulking cross joints, caulking pressure after a gap of, another gap need not to press it again, to interface from cross DuanCengChu starts, each side to reverse pressure seam, don't leave the cross outlet pressure traces. For ceramic tile seam pressure Angle of Yin and Yang, you can use the special Angle of Yin and Yang caulking tools for caulking. Yin Angle of caulking can appropriate some hard, let the caulking and excess stock around clearly separated. Yang Angle caulking can use Yang Angle caulking tools to do the caulking some relatively full, caulking division also can directly with the hand to Yang Angle part, caulking effect will also be like other caulking grooved. Shovel material as long as the preliminary work to do, so the late excess stock clearing will be very easy. A knife or with a shovel knife gently lifting a corner of then caulking excess stock whole to tear up. Caulking steps although looks very simple, but the doorways to caulking experience to experience. A delicate and caulking, of caulking division was achieved by years of construction experience and patience and meticulous quality craftsmen. Caulking of, when jay, roubaix, royal nest, xin five caulking agent brand porcelain, porcelain, porcelain cover water, waterborne epoxy, the edge four categories of caulking products, to meet the demand of all kinds of ceramic tile gap filling. Caulking, is your closest caulking around the housekeeper.
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