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the tile mile, where grout has clout

by:Kastar     2020-06-12
Raul Rambo is not a career in mental health, but one day ---many of them --
When it feels like it
Lambo sells tiles.
It\'s not an easy job.
At the tile fair, known as the \"tile mile\" on Anaheim State University Avenue, there are major decisions every day.
A wrong choice can cause pain and cost thousands of dollars.
For decades, families may be troubled by an ugly hue.
As we all know, the homeowner has changed something that seems to be minor three or four times, such as the grouting color.
\"You have to be a psychologist here to treat people,\" said Rambo . \".
\"Some people are very upset and we need to calm them down and give them a glass of water.
It may take two or three hours to make a decision.
\"Really, who can blame them?
Tile mile is a sacred place for floor materials-
Anaheim retailers say the largest tile retailers, wholesalers and distributors in California and the United States are concentrated together.
122 watts last year
According to the city records, the total revenue of related enterprises exceeded $0. 603 billion.
\"If you\'re in the tile business, this is where you want to go,\" said Bart Hoffman, economic development manager at Anaheim . \".
\"People come from all over Southern California to shop there. \"Tile? Got it. Ceramic? You bet.
Slabs, granite, marble, lime.
There are even brass tiles, glazed tiles and tiles with pictures of artichokes, chickens, butterflies and flowers.
\"It\'s almost overwhelming,\" said Bill Thurston, a shopper at Laguna Hill after browsing six stores.
\"I know there\'s a tile shop.
I don\'t know there\'s so much. . . .
I have to bring my wife back and let her make the final decision.
\"About 27 years ago, wholesale tile in California was one of two tile businesses located on State University Avenue.
Both companies were very successful and spread the news throughout the industry. By the mid-
In their 80 s, the two companies had grown to dozens of tile companies.
Greg Hastings, division manager, Anaheim, said: \"I think it just evolved over time . \".
\"It\'s like a car center where you have a dealer and another one is coming.
This happened.
\"On weekends, this street looks like an outdoor shopping center.
Shopping from shops to shops with children and baby carriages.
\"It\'s crazy,\" said Rambo . \"
\"It\'s like going to Disneyland.
The experience of Rambo began here.
After 24 years of business, he figured out how to help people make the right decisions.
The first thing: determine who is in charge.
There is nothing worse than a marriage quarrel.
\"You have to analyze who is the boss and who is the decision --
Said Rambo.
\"The best thing is to say \'Hi boss \'when the boss walks in \'.
If the lady answered, I knew right away that she was the boss.
\"Most people have an idea.
But this is a learning curve for many shoppers.
The sales staff told the customer that there are some basic facts about the tile.
Low maintenance of the tiles: sweep and mop the floor.
Sprinkle it on it and wipe it clean.
Ceramics are less durable than porcelain. Shiny is out. Natural looks --
Slate and country finish-are in.
Ron Dequillettes, vice president and general manager of wholesale tiles in California, said tiles are now more popular than carpets and wood floors.
Customers are tearing up the carpet tiles, he said.
\"In the 90% big house we do, people are tiling the entire ground floor,\" Dequillettes said . \".
A few years ago, Lupe Barton laid tiles on her floor.
It was the first time she found tile miles.
Now she\'s addicted.
\"I just found out this is the best place to be and I\'m from Lake elsino,\" Barton said . \".
On a recent trip, she looked for the Terracotta Warriors grout and broken tiles for a mosaic project.
After visiting several shops, she did not find the right color.
But she had the color card in her hand and there was a mile ahead of the untapped store and she did not give up hope.
\"I told my husband, \'If I can\'t find it here, they won\'t succeed.
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