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The types of ceramic tile seam filling agent and defect resolution

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
The kinds of ceramic tile seam filling agent and disadvantages parsing

now decorate already cannot leave a gap filling agent, but most people understanding of caulking grout is not particularly, the wuhan manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction of the types and characteristics of gap filling agent.
a, white cement filled seam an agent, this is the most traditional, the most commonly used is the cheapest, but is also the most obvious drawbacks, usually two to three months gap will become dark, very beautiful.

2, one-component waterborne gap filling agent, is developing rapidly in recent years, has a wide application. Advantage is that the operation is simple, color is rich, the same black than white cement to long. Defect is obviously, after curing shrinkage collapse to form cracks, shelter evil people and practices easily, stick relay is poor, too soft, not resistant to dirt, not washable.

3, a two-component oil filled seam an agent, has also been some customers called ceramic glue, evolved from plastic clay. Advantages are not to collapse, the surface is very hard, color is also very rich. Defect is complex, in proportion to a two-component mixed filling to glue tube, construction on both sides of the ceramic tile must stick crepe paper, ceramic tile, it is easy to pollution to hand.

4, multicomponent filled seam an agent, with some foreign manufacturers of products, color is rich, not collapse not shrink, high hardness, not easy to turn black. Defect is rough surface, in the long run will be black, the operation is very complex, expensive, can only make more than 3 mm wide, do fine seam, can't do metope, will sag.

to sum up, all kinds of caulking agent products each have advantages and disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, the market calls for a & other; Perfect & throughout; Is filled seam an agent, the operation is simple, the surface is bright, the fouling resistance is good, and not shrink collapse, stick relay strong don't fall off.

the disadvantage of caulking gun:
1, construction defects: although some video can prove that the construction is simple, but when construction is completed, check, will find that have uneven faults, and can't use something to wipe, clean will be more ugly. And especially the relation of two sewing a job, it's hard to do is flat and level.
2, appearance defect: because only a single set of copy of acrylic sealant caulking agent varieties, so the wear resistance is very poor, can only at the time of rendering, much lower than ceramic tile, it won't be friction to. But the disadvantage is: shelter evil people and practices easily. And, for the micro SPAR, glazed ceramic brick, bo changes a brick, its concave surface makes the foot feels very uncomfortable. Especially some small gap, such as about 1 mm gap, it can not glue on the surface.
3, performance defects: glue relay is insufficient, when ceramic tile is not very smooth, when four seasons alternating contraction, caulking agent and ceramic tile aperture facade is easy craze, the manifestation is filled seam an agent, removing a loss.

that's small make up to you some summary about ceramic tile gap filling related information, hope to have the certain reference. More details on building materials co. , LTD's website for more consultation!
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