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The use of the theory of crepe paper any more simple

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Although in many crepe paper is regarded as a must in the process of construction tools, but many users at the time of construction or omit no, so a lot of people don't know the correct way of using the crepe paper, nor outside said so strangely, it is also very convenient. Now the variety of ceramic tile, but many ceramic tile when caulking specified to use textured paper, such as the archaize brick, etc. , for some types of gap filling agent, we must also use the crepe paper, use easily crepe paper to avoid the remaining material touch the surface of ceramic tile not cleaned in time and cause can't clean, so it is necessary to introduce the usage of the crepe paper. 1 mm deep cracks. Construction Pulitzer, architects, caulking agent before, first brush with cloth or fuzz clean dust in the seam. On both sides of the seam with crepe paper. 0 to crepe paper from the crack edges. It is advisable to about 5 mm. Sew seam emperor huang caulking agent is installed on the glue guns, along the seam evenly into the brick. In about 1 meter, immediately with your finger or little wiper, ( As far as possible) Daub is even, while ks for seam caulking agent no solidification ( Construction within 1 meter) , remove the crepe paper. ( Must be in a timely manner after screeding off crepe paper, after a long time easy to out of the seam in the seam emperor caulking agent) Can also achieve caulking illuminative effect, not the best of both worlds.
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