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The winter when decorating, need to be aware of the five elements

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Although autumn is a good time to decorate, but in winter, there are many owners will choose at this time to decorate. Because at this time in the off-season, decorate each decorate a company to work less, workers will also be able to have more energy for your decoration, decoration quality also can have a significant boost. Winter time to decorate good, but when decorate, also can cause some problems due to the climate, so the owner when decorate, also want to note the following respects. Prevent weather-shack winter rainfall less commonly, indoor air is dry, like a person's skin, all sorts of need water decoration materials in the winter water loss also will be faster. Such as putty, cement base, which if water loss too fast, at the beginning of the next decorate is not had already appeared in the surface weather-shack. In order to prevent the above phenomenon, when decorating, need to make preparations beforehand. For ceramic tile, its heat conduction ability is stronger, the temperature is too low will lead to ceramic tile with cement, binder viscosity reduced. So after the ceramic tile from outdoor to indoor in winter, to stand for hours to soak, the shop is stuck. In addition, brick paving the putty cannot blow too thick, if you can't grasp the thickness, suggestion will blow be bored with child each time the narrow, let putty can immediately after blowing the labeled soak good ceramic tile. On the metope of scraping putty, after can temporarily use wrapped in kraft paper, wet skin of tofu, cloth, delaying their drying speed, prevent weather-shack phenomenon in a wall. Control temperature general building materials, such as cement, lime, all kinds of rubber, will be more sensitive to temperature. Low winter temperatures, the activity of such materials will also reduce, so also should pay attention to when construction decorate indoor temperature. For all kinds of accessories, mostly just stay above ℃ construction environment is no problem. If lower than the room temperature, it need to warm up properly on the entire construction environment, such as the use of air conditioning, floor heating, heater, etc. Construction temperature is reached, after also always closed doors and Windows, prevent the rain and snow weather, affect the indoor temperature, humidity. In addition, this kind of material the day before if there is a good allocate unused, also can continue to use again after two days, the proposal is prepared as much as they use, let them remain the average activity, reduce the rework rate. Leave gaps for some patchwork of building materials, such as wooden floor, ceramic tile, cabinets, etc. , they as the change of temperature will produce heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon. Low winter temperatures, so all the building materials at this time are in a state of a cold. Do this winter when decorating, therefore, need for them to set aside the appropriate aperture, summer heat to make them able to cope with the coming year. For door, furniture, floor of wood of this kind of wood, probably stay in winter. Millimeter thick seam interface can be, these tiny enough to deal with the cracks in the heat phenomenon in the future. For ceramic tile, set aside the gap will be slightly bigger than wood classes. The ceramic tile of general will leave more than mm gap, wall brick can be reduced to about. Mm or so. Because of ceramic tile aperture is bigger, in order to clean and convenient in the future, advice on ceramic tile brick in the shop, after the completion of caulking. Color variety of gap filling grout, the owner can choose their favorite, and decorate a style to match the color. Winter cold dry, pay attention to the environmental safety is frequent fire. And decoration in the process of timber use is more, not only wire is also very messy, not careful, it may cause a fire. When making a carpenter construction, therefore, the first thing to check each wire exposed wires have happen, when using electrical appliances, also want to try to stay away from wood chips, plate more area. Carpenter after cutting wood, also want to clear in time the scene, make sawdust, leftover material stored in the place where the halogen-light in time, and in the day after the construction is taken away from the construction site. In addition, smoking is forbidden in construction the construction area should be fully, even to visit the owner to ban, can not let go of any a will have the chance to produce flame. In order to prevent the occurrence of unexpected circumstances, the construction area also should be placed at least a pair of fire extinguishers, and construction workers to everyone to use, to ensure the safety of the premises. Woodworking products timely seal oil winter weather is dry, the moisture of wood products will be less than the rest of the season, so its will be more crisp, into nails often happens when fracture phenomenon. In order to ensure the moisture content of lumber and the degree of strong, in the winter should be in a timely manner after they installed wood oil sealing work. Oil seal can make wood and cuts us off from the outside climate, maintain its own moisture, let own existence certain headstrong, prolong the service life of lumber itself. At the same time, oil seal can make the wood texture can be well preserved, increase their own beautiful sex wooden products. Have decorate the above considerations, I believe that the owner can in after decorate the family wants to complete her heart. 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