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The wooden doors of toilet mouldproof moistureproof how should pay attention to?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
As the family is decorated in wooden door door plank, the widespread use of not only style joker, the price also is more populist, at the same time, the quality of full thick wooden door will add quality to a new home feeling, enhances the integrity, has a unified style. To use does more class than ordinary model steel, titanium alloy door plank, but recently the owner puts forward a new question, 'can also use the wooden door, toilet will not moldy, black, deformation in the future? 'If the owners really want to use wood door in the bathroom, and how to avoid the deformation of be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew, problem? We can from the following several aspects to consider. 部分。 The material of wood door is a kind of connection or separate different space advocate material, door plank of chosen for a new home, according to the different functional of the bedroom, choose the door plank. On the market of wooden door material is qualitative different, quality is different also, when using common main wooden door has moulded door, composite solid wood doors and wood door. Considering toilet need waterproof factor, among the three plates, moulded door is a more appropriate choice. Moulded door plank essence is a kind of concave and convex pattern of high density fiberboard, advantage is moisture expansion, no crack deformation resistance. 部分。 The door to do the high position in the toilet door cover, must pay attention to the stone door waterproof processing, in ensuring the waterproof door cover at the same time, the position of the door flanging should cover the whole of the original concrete frame inside, to do m above. 部分。 Dry wet depart dry wet depart is currently widely used a toilet waterproof processing, the purpose is to reduce the degree of toilet water vapor condensation. Given the limitations of door model design, some room can't independence will be wet toilet area, in this case the owner can wet area in the bathroom dry wet depart of planning, such as partition processing, made a shower curtain or shower with glass will be a separate isolation, to prevent water splashing. 部分。 Wall and floor tile caulking toilet is prone to water vapor, especially easy to form in the ground water, if metope, ground waterproof do bad, it is easy to be internal water vapor into the ceramic tile, cause the toilet of ceramic tile aperture moisture, mildew, black wait for a phenomenon. Hot and humid, and toilet is a good a hotbed of bacterial growth, so ceramic tile is toilet waterproof caulking an important line of defense! Jay water porcelain adhering to the concept of environmental protection on the market, with a high gloss, good adhesion and environmental protection, operation is convenient, the advantages of easy to clean, no smell. It in water for dispersion medium, does not contain organic solvent, does not cause air pollution, can satisfy completely the requirements of the present family decoration environmental protection! 部分。 Ceramic tile caulking daily maintenance of spring, autumn, winter, must pay attention to the toilet a window ventilated, maintain dry toilet. Due to the toilet often use laundry detergent, fabric softener acidic and alkaline liquid, remember to wash immediately with water after use ceramic tile ground, prevents damage to the acid alkali for caulking. In the daily maintenance work, is unfavorable to caulking soak in water for a long time. After a bath in a timely manner to clean up the ground water, ventilation in time to remove the water mist on metope. Jie home water porcelain can be used in the kitchen, toilet, windowsill mesa place of ceramic tile aperture gap filling, such as waterproof, color is rich, high gloss, colorful, select grade cosmetics raw material, delicate and environmental protection. Convenient do in daily life, to provide you with comfortable living environment. Jie home water porcelain belonging to one of the brands owned by the five caulking, ceramic tile seam filling agent in founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has yet to be established caulking market experience. Companies according to market needs, successively introduced, xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five caulking brand products, meet the demand of architectural decoration of caulking in all walks of life. Caulking smooth products such as porcelain, anti-fouling, anti-mildew antibacterial wear-resisting, able to deal with inside and outside all sorts of bad weather, is the better choice of caulking product.
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