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Their construction caulking do bad how to solve?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Do caulking always meet some problems, caulking mistakes can cause a variety of construction methods of emergency, carelessly caulking may be bad. Touching the caulking do bad how should handle? Solution is very simple, only two kinds of methods, a shovel out redo, a repair on the basis of the original. A, shoveling out to construction in the process of construction, error is inevitable, if there are any caulking agent not stem, white, or caulking agent appear fall off, will crack problems inside caulking agent shovel out is ok. Methods: the operation. Caulking agent has not been solidified, colloid sticky, also not hard, can use the knife or sharp tools such as crack-cleaning cone, the crack problems in caulking agent shovel out, cracks and once again be removed; If caulking agent already cured, it is necessary to use heat gun first caulking agent soft, with tools to shovel out again. 。 According to the problems find out reason, caulking agent not stem is likely to be encountered in construction on the stain, or aperture is damper, to test the dry degree of aperture, then use the dryer will stain drying, glue again construction finally. 。 Gap filling agent, adhesion is not strong, may be a gap in the dust, to clean up the gap, especially the gap on either side of the impurities must be clean, before construction, will play in colloid. Second, on the basis of the original repair caulking agent done, think the color is not good-looking, sunken radian is too big, caulking agent uneven surface, these cases can be directly in the above play a layer, repair, don't need to do the caulking agent shoveled out. Methods: the operation. If choose the caulking agent color not good-looking, can choose when pressure joint seam pressure the ball, let caulking agent has certain concave radian, caulking agent such as dry after appearing, then choose other color for repair. Under the condition that you must be concave radian, otherwise fill dozen of caulking agent no position, but also to choose the color more than primary colors to cover them. 。 Gap of caulking agent under the concave radian is too big, and uneven surface, want to become a bit flat gap filling agent, and tile at best; Caulking agent such as dry after appearing, directly in the above play a layer, only choose a pressure seam to seam pressure plate, can guarantee the effect of flush.
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