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There is companion come from afar - — He is coming, just waiting for you!

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
(date) (month) (year), Mr Jacques from Australia came to caulking to visit east China headquarters, and reached a porcelain water of export trade, this is the first time gap filling into the Australian market. After submit all sorts of data and the customs of detection, in years, caulking products officially landed in Australia market. To meet again in Australia came to international partner Mr Jacques again yesterday, we feel happy about Mr Jacques's arrival, that is enough to the caulking agent products, in the Australian market share is gradually increasing. Caulking agent continuously upgrade and development of products, as well as the stability of product quality, giving partners enough confidence. Domestic caulking industry in recent years has been active in the market, the relevant industry system constantly improve, new products and new technology has also been constantly updated. Mr Jacques with international Chen discusses the relevant industry knowledge about gap filling agent, and do the further mutual communication and learning. Experience is the result of caulking construction industry construction experience are our fellow teacher developed in practice a little bit, for the industry overall specification and construction method, construction efficiency is mature and systematic. And our these industry experience for Mr Jacques is a complete stranger, says Mr Jacques after understanding these need to learn more in the future. At the request of Mr Jacques from our caulking master personally guide, he began to multiple training and site construction practice, it is enough to show our domestic gap filling technology has become a mature system of industry, we can pass you caulking master teacher lesson! Next time about in the process of whole communication with Mr Jacques, we also for overseas now caulking technology and relevant market have update some cognitive. Mr Jacques expressed the hope that in the later time can have more communicate with each other the opportunity to learn, also said later wanted to invite the international professional caulking team to visit Australia to study, grow together, common development. Caulking focus on caulking building materials industry, set research and development, production, sales, construction, training, after-sales at an organic whole, the company always adhere to the 'scientific and technological innovation, integrity management, strengthening service, win-win cooperation' business philosophy; Adhering to the quality gap filling production level, plus the time following the caulking market innovation spirit, caulking future still holds on to more partners to provide quality service attitude, progress together, common development! ‍
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