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These hazards caused by wary of ceramic tile aperture to the child

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
The rise of environmental protection decoration ideas, not just because of the people to the pursuit of beautiful environment, a large part of the children, the elderly are home to. They are quite sensitive to the environment, if there is any error in decorating, life in the future can cause discomfort of their bodies. Especially for children in the phase of growth and development, grow in an unhealthy environment, children are likely to frail, which not only affect the child's physical and mental health, even can affect the growth of children. So, have a healthy environment, is the basic requirement of the healthy growth of children. And young children in the process of growth, is most easily come into contact with the ground, the ground clean and tidy or not is very important. The harm of impurity to child body baby infant children have not yet learned to walk, climb to action. When crawling, both hands is easy to stick to the bacteria, dust and other dirt on the ground. Plus the children like to bite fingers, infants and young children period after crawling, parents very likely still didn't pay attention to, the child will finger into his mouth. As a result, the bacteria on the ground the incoming from the child's mouth, it may lead to bacterial infections. Children at this time, on the other hand, the skin is soft, is also the most vulnerable. When crawling on the ground and don't have to protect children can easily be minor impurities hurt on the ground. Again, this time most of the children have no sense of direction, looking forward to climb, likely collision damage to other edges. Young children in early childhood, because children's perception of things too little, so full of curiosity to the outside world. And young children, due to just learn to walk, and cause vision limit height, they can observe is the stuff on the ground. And they can use the feeling method, is the smell and taste. When the children found the ground have food or other things stood in his way, he'll catch subconsciously thinking into the mouth what it is. Mold growth speed, faster than you think. For food, for example, fell to the ground, after just two or three seconds will be bacterial contamination. Scientists have done the experiment, in the process of bacteria from the floor to the food, the growth of bacteria on the floor of time plays an important role in bacteria and transfer, and the type of food and food contact with the floor of the influence of the time is not big. In other words, the transfer of bacteria from the floor to the food is immediate, quick to pick up food and can't avoid bacterial contamination, and the formation of bacteria and the purity of the floor itself has a lot of contact. Floor surface more easily infected with bacteria, so the more into the child's mouth bacteria, the greater the risk of bacteria are pathogenic bacteria. So, keep the floor tile time clean is very important. The floor tile can rely on the usual cleaning to keep clean and tidy, and on the need of ceramic tile aperture gap filling to keep. Using traditional caulking grout or caulking grout to fill the ceramic tile aperture, after a period of time can produce black mould. In the aperture of the black mold, accumulated a large number of pathogenic bacteria of invisible to the naked eye. Especially in places such as kitchen, restaurant, food residue is more, when cleaning may be on food scraps into the gap of these food residue within the aperture be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, can produce the large amounts of carcinogenic mold such as aflatoxin. As long as a little do not pay attention to children, will be placed on the ground of toys, accidentally fell to the ground the food into his mouth, it is possible to continue to eat these harmful bacteria. Often sick children at home, is probably because those hidden in the gap of bacteria infection in children. If every room in the home to do the caulking, first of all, when after the completion of the caulking dry, its surface is smooth, such as porcelain, does not have a traditional caulking gun as particles of feeling, let a child unimpeded in the crawl, also prevent the scratch of the child's hand. Secondly, under the normal temperature condition, caulking state is stable, not volatile poisonous and harmful gases. Due to the stability of caulking, caulking was not influenced by the environment, also won't produce black mould. And anti-pollution mouldproof caulking itself, even if there is food scraps, such as liquid spilled something on the sew, as long as make regular cleaning can let caulking response to bright as new state, will put an end to the possibility of bacteria in the gap root. The current normal caulking tile gap filling grout, mostly through national authoritative organization detect, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, can stay after caulking dry completely. As long as the parents use normal manufacturer use the product, can guarantee the products of environmental protection, give you a green residential environment. Caulking smooth surface, such as porcelain, easy to clean, waterproof and moistureproof, permeability, oil, the operation is simple, no smell, contractive, not collapse, beautiful wear-resisting. Caulking is suitable for indoor rooms, a full range of prevent bacteria breeding in the rooms. Water pollution from the source to eliminate the harmful bacteria. Let parents at ease let child freedom to explore in the home, let the children healthy growth in the freedom to explore. Development so far, with 'guide gap filling industry, casting brand integrity and win-win' as the goal, adhere to the development of green environmental protection. Products developed by high-quality scientific research team, modern production of high-end equipment production ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, professional production team strictly control the quality of products. All product properties by authority detection, including four (RoHS Detection of heavy metals) GB - Water-based detection etc. Detect the report shows series ceramic tile seam filling agent are non-toxic harmless, does not contain formaldehyde.
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