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Tip: domestic outfit caulking agent and what is the difference between true porcelain glue?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Aesthetics in the modern home outfit, we often use the caulking agent and true porcelain glue, and gum of caulking agent and porcelain are jointing agent upgrade the product, the prominent characteristics of both are changing the characteristics of ceramic tile aperture black, not to bear or endure dirty, so, between them exactly what kind of good? And there was a relationship between? True porcelain glue and gap filling agent, the definition of true porcelain glue: true porcelain is a kind of reactive two-component glue joint sealant products, suitable for all kinds of ceramic tile floor, ceramic tile walls, the sink and tub, sit implement, countertop, stone, ceramic or stone door building materials of adhesive and aperture fill beautification. , caulking agent: caulking agent is jointing agent upgrade products, decorative practicality of caulking agent is superior to color caulking agent. Not beautiful solved ceramic tile gap filling and dirty black issues. New caulking agent seam an agent do not need to fill in the bottom, you can directly fill after ceramic tile adhesive added to ceramic tile aperture. Suitable for mm above the gap filling, construction and convenient than ordinary is filled seam an agent the upgrading of products. Caulking agent and have to do with true porcelain glue? Caulking agent caulking refers to the categories of products, including of one-component, two-component, hard, soft, as long as has the gap filling effect of caulking products can be called gap filling agent, so true porcelain glue also belong to one of these, whereas true porcelain glue specifically to a two-component, high hardness, good gloss, after curing performance similar to this category of the ceramic caulking agent ( Such as ceramic king, king of true porcelain, etc. ) Rubber, true porcelain various performance far beyond normal gap filling agent, true porcelain glue water resistant, oil resistant, mouldproof, qualitative hard, easy to clean, has a smooth surface looks very similar to that of the porcelain enamel have qualitative feeling, is a kind of reactive two-component caulking products. After caulking small make up of simple sharing, we have a general concept. Decorate in the family, according to their own needs to choose the suitable products?
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