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Tips about tile caulking agent wall construction

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Decorate in the house, my friends will find there is always a ceramic tile aperture influence the overall effect. Especially in the side of a lot of friends do the caulking. The more the more care about the ceramic tile aperture. And there is clean, face the corner brick joints, very trouble, the specific how to clean up? The emergence of the ceramic tile seam filling agent brings us a new experience, it can easily solve the problem of ceramic tile aperture. Corner of the room how to construction, it is a lead to the following share caulking experts to give you a little corner of construction ceramic tile seam filling agent tip: if the old ceramic tile you need to ceramic tile aperture with a shovel knife brick seam at least mm wide, deep - Mm, archaize brick mm wide, deep - Mm, gap must be clean and smooth. Construction aperture processing, because it shows the effect after is directly related to the construction. Recommended construction technology can be simply summarized as the following steps: the bottom seam - Wipe seam - Caulking - Wipe - Clean up; If the original gap filling degree is poorer, the recommended construction technology can be simply summarized as the following steps: crack-cleaning - Wipe seam - The first time gap filling ( Porcelain white ceramic tile seam filling agent base) - Wipe - The second time gap filling ( Intended effect fill color ceramic tile seam an agent to do the surface) - - - - - - Wipe - Clean up. First of all, do metope ceramic tile seam filling agent, generally take a top-down, tight after cross first principles. The construction completion, in fact, when use ceramic tile seam filling agent is Jane, and also very good cleaning effect, absolutely is the best helper for your home clean. In the corner and brick joints on ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, use refers to wipe out a radian and metope gap size moderate line, and then use sponge brush, the sponge is too wet, do to grasp well, to make up and down the line thickness is consistent, so that to make effect to have stereo feeling.
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