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To gap filling effect is good, floor tile is important!

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
To gap filling effect is good, floor tile is important! We all know caulking is a rigorous process, to gap filling effect is good, it is important to ceramic tile shop sticks. Some of my friend's house pack after repaired tile appear the bulging, cracking, or uneven, and so on and so forth, a lot of people think that is the quality of ceramic tile has a problem. In fact, the editors in most of the time, the shop is stuck is the main culprit. And if the shop is stuck technology does not pass, then personalises don't gap filling effect. , although tiles must be ceramic tile seam is a kind of stable physical properties of a material, the higher temperature, the temperature change is the metropolitan makes ceramic tile and bonding material appeared scaling, less than the extension of support force once brick seam is too small, will squeeze because phase between ceramic tile appear empty drum, avalanche Angle, serious word can also lead to fall off. And crack dirty black hard cleaning, shelter evil people and practices, the breeding ground for bacteria, such as serious impact on household experience and physical health. , laying brick to bubble water before shop sticks ceramic tile not wetted before or is soaked, brick of humidity, moisture of unsaturated, can cause after shop sticks ceramic tile to absorb too much moisture in the cement mortar, by absorbing water after the cement mortar bond strength decreased, ceramic tile is prone to cracking, possibly empty drum, fall off. And processing to standardize the wall ground processing at the grass-roots level is very important work, a bit not note will affect the bonding effect. Before the shop is stuck, grassroots must deal with clean, ensure all kinds of dirt and plaster are removed, otherwise the water cement mortar will be dust sediment absorption, such as ceramic tile adhesive is not strong. The shop is stuck the day before had better water the wet at the grass-roots level, humidity control in the % - %。 Fully wet wall can better safeguard mortar solidification and bonding ceramic tile. In addition, the grassroots are free whether level off, new wall ground drum craze, waterproof layer of hair, presence of delaminating and so on, is to pay attention to details. , alert to the ceramic tile of man-made scratch tiles if residual gravel, prone to scratches after foot, and the construction site often appear tiny Shi Sha decoration such as garbage, so be sure to pay attention to ceramic tile placement. In addition, the paved tiles also should pay attention to make (protection Mat packing paper) To avoid dragging heavy construction equipment, tools, produce scratches. , pay attention to the slurry ratio choose cement mark correctly. Label is too small cannot produce enough bond, label is too big, cement mortar condenses when a large number of absorb water, hydration heat too fast will rip to ceramic tile. Cement and sand mixing proportion, also can produce all kinds of the shop is stuck. , ceramic tile adhesive to daub evenly daub a lot of people at the grassroots ceramic tile adhesive will use the scraper painted and scrape, bend a radian turn. This technique can lead to ceramic tile adhesive uneven teeth, not straight, density, lead to combined with smaller area between rubber and ceramic tile ceramic tile,, stick relay easily. i brick. The right way should be worked on the surface level, with teeth scraping board of ceramic tile glue evenly into the dentate. , horn careful collapse Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang Angle grinding Angle position will usually take ceramic tile, if improper operation, can make the edge of the tile section crack resistance is abate, in the late fall porcelain corner crack, crack. , cutting ceramic tile to professional enough skilled labor process, may be careless when manual cutting ceramic tile ceramic tile surface dark crack. Dark crack is not easy to detect at first, but over time, the concrete shrinkage, temperature change and external force will appear obvious cracks. If you don't pass artisans, cutting advice or a professional ceramic tile cutting machine processing. Ceramic tile is very fragile, a carelessly will make its produce damage, even scrapped directly, not to mention filled seam an agent for it. So, caulking remind everyone here, shop sticks ceramic tile, according to the process step by step forward, in combination with the above eight points for attention, the ceramic tile after the shop is stuck, can give caulking to lay a good foundation.
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