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To participate in the national major projects, to start!

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Of 3 large main force of China's investment mainly manufacturing, infrastructure and real estate, the three industry determines how much the power of our country investment engine. By in these three belong to the labor-intensive industry, it is difficult to achieve fast full to return to work. From the point of the real estate and infrastructure investment, need a lot of construction workers. Due to the strong liquidity, government have strong controls on construction industry. Be included in the credit evaluation of chengdu, for example, more than one person confirmed outbreaks, namely as a 'major safety accident'. Well, as the national major projects of investment projects: 'western China science and technology innovation Hong Kong high-end talent base' in the bloomy spring it highlights moments in March, we return to work! Resume work preparation: - Epidemic prevention safety - Construction safety - - internal acceptance of the quality and process Production of waste and construction technology specification - Specification and site on tool use and construction skills
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