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To solve the problem of the ground decorates the long gap filling agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
As household decorates beautification, common ground decorates jointing agent agent can't completely improve the status quo of the ground dirty and not clean, with the birth of the new product is filled seam an agent, in a short period of time has been thoroughly solve the problem. Caulking agent is jointing agent upgrade products, decorative practicality of caulking agent is superior to color caulking agent, kitchen, bathroom wall ground brick seam using normal filled seam an agent for a period of time will be yellow black, imports of caulking agent couldn't solve the problem, can do now have a solution, is to use the caulking agent. Caulking agent solves the black brick joints has triggered a series of problems. , new materials, caulking agent is composed of high-tech new polymer and high-grade paint, is a kind of half liquid flow; It is different from white cement, color caulking agent ( Dry powder cement material + low pigment) Is mainly composed of inorganic material, he is a new high-tech polymer materials + high-grade paint and special additives with fine. , new vision: caulking agent have burnish, rich in natural color is exquisite, such as gold, silver, pearl color, and white, black colour is significantly higher than white cement, color caulking agent, brings better overall effect to the wall, so much stronger than decorative white cement, color caulking agent. And after solidification, smooth surface, such as porcelain, can swab with ceramic tile, with resistance to penetration of waterproof properties, can do real ceramic tile aperture 'never darken'; , new function: caulking agent surface is bright and clean, and easy to scrub, convenient and clean, waterproof, can avoid the propagation of crack mold endanger human body health. We don't have to hesitate between the pursuit of beauty and health, because had the caulking agent to choose we can enjoy our favorite can reflect individual character of ceramic tile, don't have to worry about the mold of the breed of gap brings harm our health. Caulking agent not only has the general characteristics of gap filling agent, also has its own features. : caulking agent adopt high quality SPC, green environmental protection product, do not contain formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, harmful index is far lower than the national standard GB - 》。 Application: SAD purification process, coating, super anti-fouling, service life for years. : the product into the ceramic tile adhesive factors, excellent adhesion, through the gb GBT - 'Test, attached to the ceramic tile aperture is not easy to fall off. : colour diversity, divided into the second series, light series, metal series, iridescence series, etc. : the product easy to use, easy construction. The traditional caulking agent is coated on the surface of gap filling agent, new caulking agent seam an agent do not need to fill in the bottom, you can directly add after ceramic tile adhesive to the ceramic tile aperture. Suitable for mm above the gap filling, construction and convenient than ordinary is filled seam an agent the upgrading of products.
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