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Toilet decorate choose waterproof caulking agent is the key

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Toilet decorate, we all like in metope brick bathroom tiles, ceramic tile is good progress of toilet is beautiful, don't know ever shop sticks ceramic tile family, whether to have met the ceramic tile of toilet ooze water. Cause there are many kinds of ceramic tile ooze water condition, or ceramic tile is of poor quality, or the laying quality didn't pass by there are gaps, moreover is the water pipe and the place of ceramic tile mating seal does not reach the designated position, etc. So how to deal with ceramic tile of toilet ooze water? Below we see toilet waterproof techniques together, ceramic tile water penetration processing method.

toilet waterproof secret ooze water treatment ceramic tile

if the waterproof layer is present, necessary to tear down ceramic tile, the wall to the waterproof layer, see the inner wall is preferred, then blow be bored with child again, to do the waterproof layer to metope, then shop sticks ceramic tile, ordinary this complicated way to compare with, so or initiative to check and clear again to stop.

followed by the pipe break from the water seepage, this kind of condition, check at the demand of pipe stop on testing, see whether there was leakage situation, if really is formed due to the water pipe broken, need to immediately find leaks, turn over the wall to change the pipe.

if only provoked by wet wall water seepage, this only needs in daily pay more attention to the ventilation of the bathroom and clean can.

if ceramic tile aperture is bad, the present water penetration, can use caulking agent to patch to firm up the cracks. However, small make up suggest everyone: caulking agent when the choose and buy must pay attention to production quality. That how to choose the caulking agent brand? What gap filling agent brand good?

take a two-component caulking agent as an example, good brand caulking agent is made from imported polymer nano polymer and high-grade paint, color rich, natural and exquisite, have very strong adornment effect. At the same time should have excellent self-cleaning, waterproof, prevent oil, anti-pollution, easy to clean, wipe clean. Can thoroughly solve the problem of the ceramic tile aperture easy dirty black, prevent cracks bacterium endanger human body health.
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