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Toilet tiles caulking should be how to daily maintenance?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
It's hot in summer, the frequency of use that defend bath will be higher than usual. In the hot air and water damage under attack for a long time, bathroom, bathroom become very prone to soap scum, mold, metal surface of ceramic tile aperture is water damage. In the past, for a long time will affect the whole toilet not only beautiful, black mildew stains will cause certain influence to the human body. So, after entering the summer, to the inside of the toilet maintenance is very important. The maintenance of hardware, hardware, instruments, as an important part of the toilet in their appearance level to a certain extent will affect the beautiful degree inside the toilet. So, on a regular basis to the maintenance of their appearance, is an important part of good life. , hardware maintenance bath faucets, showers, sanitary utensils often stick to a variety of bath dew, shampoo, detergent, etc. , these catharsis things will make bibcock of chrome plated surface without burnish. Want to restore luster is also very simple, need to use neutral detergent daub on a soft cloth, and then gently wipe to clean parts, the original hardware can restore the original luster. It is important to note that in addition to the neutral detergent, acid, alkaline cleaners, grinding effects of scrubbing brush, steel wire ball, such as cannot be used to clean, will likely cause scratches. , toilet maintenance is also one of the more commonly used sanitary ware of toilet, toilet regularly use cleaner scrub the toilet around, can effectively inhibit bacterial breeding. In addition, the daily cleaning can be used to cleaning the toilet, doing so will help keep the manual self-cleaning toilet for a long time, is more efficient to save time. Second, some toilet environment maintenance in a shady place, in the absence of direct sunlight for a long time, coupled with sewage circulation, easy to produce peculiar smell in the toilet. In general, the owner can use the air freshener that sells on the market to make toilet environment slightly better. There is a wide variety of air freshener, the owner can choose according to his be fond of of different types, different smells. , of course, is the traditional way is to take a coil incense coil and or the glass of balsamic vinegar, pomelo peel and orange peel in the toilet. Three important decoration is the maintenance of ceramic tile, ceramic tile toilet, use frequency of summer for the toilet was obviously higher than that of other seasons, and toilet evaporation of water vapor will be formed on the surface of the ceramic tile obvious stain or soap scum. Ceramic tile aperture as part of the toilet is fragile, in hot and humid environment will be very easy to produce the black mold. People if living in such an environment for a long time, is likely to cause a variety of bacterial infections, causing discomfort. In order to prevent this kind of situation, can take the following measures to prevent. , use warm water and neutral detergent to wipe because soap scum surface more smooth ceramic tile, clean can flush the surface with hot water first, next reoccupy dishcloth or soft brush to clean, then use clean cloth to wipe. If the scale is more, you can use some simple neutral detergent for cleaning, then use clean cloth to wipe. In addition to the soap scum, there will be some tar residue on the surface of ceramic tile. Water damage need to owner in time every time after using the toilet use cloth, mop to clean up, let the water no residues in ceramic tile surface, such as water damage will not formed. , use ceramic tile seam filling agent ceramic tile seam filling agent is a new kind of building materials and its composition is relatively stable, caulking agent after curing in ceramic tile aperture, can smooth surface, such as porcelain, in the face of ceramic tile field, heat bilges cold shrink its toughness can easily cope with. Not only such, caulking agent also protects against wash gargle water splashed in the process of hot water, soap, etc. Caulking provides a natural barrier for ceramic tile aperture, make ceramic tile aperture no longer produce the black mold due to hot and humid environment. Caulking daily cleaning is simple, because not be stained with oil pollution features make caulking products through simple scrubbing can restore beautiful such as a new state, regular cleaning maintenance can prolong the service life of caulking. Also should pay attention to when doing caulking is clean, although the caulking antifouling wear-resisting, but are also vigorously with large areas of strong friction, it will likely make gap filling surface scratches. In addition, the use of strong acid alkali cleaner cleaning caulking may lead to have stabilized caulking character change, resulting in discoloration, fall off, and so on and so forth. Although toilet in the middle of the living area covers an area of small, but is also an indispensable part of quality of life. As long as through regular maintenance, it can build a more neat and clean living environment. Caulking as caulking agent one of the top ten brands, which owns, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five caulking brand, caulking products smooth surface, such as porcelain, anti-fouling, wear-resisting mildew antibacterial, good partner is ceramic tile family decoration. And caulking has on the market mainstream dozen caulking color, bright color, quality and environmental protection. Let the caulking become part of the family adornment, further improve the integral style of the decoration.
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