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Toilet with noble silver grey tile why don't you recommend?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Not only the bathroom floor tile cannot use noble silver grey caulking, kitchen and toilet, the floor tile of other colors is also cannot use the noble silver caulking.

ringo caulking do caulking construction before, as long as meet the kitchen toilet bathroom floor tile is gray,, like to use a noble silver filled seam an agent, and noble silver caulking with gray tiles, the effect is really very good.

noble silver caulking

ringo caulking do caulking construction also more than 5 years, have done less caulking site said there are thousands of sets, kitchen bathroom floor tile do noble silver caulking, there are many sites. Really find aristocratic caulking easily stained with silver stain.

noble silver filled seam an agent not to bear or endure dirty, not suitable for the kitchen floor tile of toilet

or I found when I went to visit customers home, there are 8 out of 10 customers customers home darkened, and the toilet of floor tile gap filling agent & lt; Eight clients home are do noble silver caulking & gt; , which can be startled me, thought is filled seam an agent quality not turned black. But, I found the wall brick of noble silver filled seam an agent is not black, or silver, which means not caulking agent quality problem, but the other reasons.

noble silver caulking

finally realized that, want to break skull noble silver caulking surface black than anything else, but the stains caused by too much. Call back eight customers, tell them the caulking agent is black, because too many caulking agent surface is stained with besmirch, just clean the stain with plastic brush brush, caulking agent or the original silver silver aristocracy.

noble silver caulking, the root cause of the pollution of not resistant to dirty?

don't delve into noble silver caulking agent to bear or endure dirty, easy to pollution, noble silver caulking agent surface is not smooth, because the inside of the noble silver small silver powder, don't look down upon these small silver powder, it is the source of pollution.

noble silver filled seam an agent there are countless tiny silver powder, make caulking agent surface is not smooth, and the kitchen toilet is not only a damp, or produce besmirch place, imagine, once the stain on caulking agent on the surface, there is no clear in time, time is long noble silver caulking agent have naturally turned black.

this is why ringo caulking, never recommend kitchen bathroom floor tile, with noble silver caulking agent. Ringo caulking say so many, we now know, why ringo caulking, kitchen bathroom floor tile with noble silver grey filled seam an agent!
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