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Training, a trip to widen our sight of advanced

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Learn, never too late; Training, improve skills. In this rapidly changing era of information explosion, in this era of the outbreak of new things quickly, only those who seize all self study opportunity, efforts to absorb new knowledge and nutrients, can let yourself in this world, not to advance is to go back, upstream, make out their own piece of heaven and earth. International, never stingy in knowledge transfer caulking skills, improve on the one hand and reserve new experience value, on the one hand, selfless release their energy, always insist on the front line fast superposition various skills, to strive for every family, give out a more substantial feast. After years of intensive orderly preparations, caulking the first phase of the training, will be held in March in the beautiful grandly held in xuzhou, jiangsu. The training will be from the Angle of view of the caulking closer to the market, respectively from the specified target, target decomposition, market operation, team, improve the guest unit price and customer orders, etc. , comprehensive, deeply analyzes, let every students to participate in training, can learn practical and useful dry goods, for future career can get all-round development and to provide power. Attending | registration information time signing up: from now on Training time: months - Training location: February 2nd caulking east China headquarters meeting room ( Jiangsu xuzhou yunlong district shimao tower - New Territories ) Charge standard: you only need to pay RMB deposit, will refund after training ( Don't pack accommodation) Registration number: only one registration form: the intention to participants, customers need to contact with you docking manager, consulting for registration. Agents, service providers, when jay dealers, jay service provider can register. 【 PS: because there are some good interactive games, please wear loose, comfortable clothing 】 Learning and game thrust, tension and relaxation, we believe that you will be in the relaxed happy atmosphere, timely access to international caulking related knowledge, master more marketing skills, in the later development, more clear their goals and operating ways, advancing with The Times to develop their own caulking, and together, hand in hand. International quality ingredients have been ready, gluttonous feast is on the table, you, still not action? Welcome to contact your account manager in time, so don't miss opportunity! ! ! International industrial co. , LTD. , focusing on the caulking materials field, integrating r&d, production, sales, construction, training, after-sales at an organic whole, the main true porcelain series, water porcelain series, elegant porcelain series, water-based epoxy, beauty of edge, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. Years, founded the international, opens the exploration caulking field trip. Years, creation of caulking agent brand, set up headquarters in wuhan, central China, formally entering caulking market, carried out a series of management measures. Caulking years, to create our brand, two brands complement each other, to further expand the market share. Was founded, xuzhou, east China headquarters and rapidly expand service center, a year. Years, li xiang signing for caulking image spokesperson, the same year to a service center. Year contract TongLei jie caulking image ambassador, in the same year to multiple service center. Years, after years of development, has a modern production base - — Jinan, ma on shan dust-free factories; To set up an operational headquarters - — East China headquarters in xuzhou, jiangsu, hubei wuhan huazhong headquarters; Service center to achieve several, a second-tier cities across the country and cities at the county level.
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