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Training, first come to a disc of caulking antipasti knowledge

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
June 21, the fifth national international business training is about to begin. International will work for all developers, bring a knowledge of caulking industry dinner. Before starting to eat dinner, should have some appetizers to satisfy are the partners' warm up on the road. Further ado, let's get into the business quickly! And be familiar with the process of cooperation partners, most of the owners for decoration is all don't know, they are almost always decorate in decorate learning while supervision process. Accordingly, decorate owner previous existence problems of most can be found later in the decoration, be repaired. Caulking seemingly less important as a decoration, the early stage of the owner is likely to ignore it. But after decorating for a long time, the owner found no caulking ceramic tile aperture is really dirty. In decorating a late even after check-in again choose to do caulking, still in time? Of course, the answer is in time. Late late do caulking need to be aware of local caulking compared with previous, there is convenient for construction, there are some where need to be aware of. Caulking architect in the construction, should according to owner's home decorate situation to select the reasonable scheme of caulking. In general, the late caulking, need to pay attention to the following respects. Keep dry and crack do caulking late late refers to decorate furniture not to enter the stadium, or the owner enters after a period of time. In the two periods, the floor tile of toilet will have more or less water immersion ceramic tile aperture, at this time of ceramic tile aperture and would be a wet state. Before do caulking, therefore, have to stop the owners from use the toilet a few days, and keep a state of ventilation, make ceramic tile aperture internal moisture to evaporate quickly. If it is already at the owner, can be in the bathroom faucet near ground cover items, prevent and immersed in water after ceramic tile aperture. Caulking division before starting caulking, it is necessary to detect the ground of toilet. With box cutters or shovel knife blow gently on both sides along the ceramic tile aperture and out of the gap in the dust. If it is darker of dust and mud, then the internal water vapor exist in ceramic tile aperture, caulking construction will have the risk of falls off, white. With lighter if the color of the dust and sand shaped, it means that internal already dry of ceramic tile aperture, can undertake caulking construction. Keep the floor clean and tidy it is late in decorating will encounter problems. The process that decorate, tend to be a layer on the surface of the ceramic tile with all kinds of decoration material covered with dust. At this point to start caulking, asked ceramic tile surface clean and tidy. So neat environment can increase the power construction, and in order to make caulking product does not come into contact with the other dust during construction, to prevent the occurrence of fall off in the future, change color. Some owners may enter in caulking division when the ground clean, if have a clean place, caulking division need to use a broom in front of the construction, cloth, industrial vacuum cleaners to clean up the entire surface of the ground dust. In addition, in the formal construction, caulking division in use or the shovel knife after clean up the gap, also need to use industrial vacuum cleaners clean up the dust of caulking internal, then on both sides of ceramic tile to wipe clean with a clean cloth. If it is archaize brick surface is rough, such as ceramic tile, or in cold winter construction, it will take on both sides of ceramic tile waxing. Wipe out the caulking part some owners may not understand the caulking when laying bricks, so also didn't stop tiles master caulking in ceramic tile aperture. Wait until later when clearing and found the gap filling grout had been when decorating, dust cover up, how to clean up all back less than before. If directly in this state of caulking grout do caulking, is likely to appear late fall off, the phenomena, such as whiskering effect gap filling effect. But as a result of the caking property of caulking grout is not high, caulking division also don't have to feel when see caulking trouble. With box cutters in ceramic tile on two knife on both sides, then caulking start to root out. Without a pen knife, also can use the shovel up directly, is the need to be careful the shovel blade to ceramic tile aperture, avoid BengCi and black side of the situation. Caulking while in the later do a lot of aspects need to pay attention to, but as long as the caulking careful observation, careful construction, the late caulking can make a good effect. This dish antipasti just the prelude to training, training in tomorrow's meeting, the international will be from different angles, analysis of the current market gap filling agent, bold prediction caulking market in the future, for caulking partners live action, let us together look forward to tomorrow's brilliant!
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