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Unused caulking agent how to save?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Domestic outfit, often for some more decorate building materials. Unused caulking agent how to save? First general say caulking agent is high molecular polymer and high-grade refined pigment high-tech product, of course we do not rule out the bad products available in the market, the standard of caulking agent is non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection, and the material properties are very stable, not easily affected by environmental factors. So caulking agent general a few days after the opening is not bad, In terms of specific changes due to regional differences) , for most users, the, how to save is door knowledge, caulking below small make up just to tell you to save. First of all, should be put in dry shade, cannot be affected with damp be affected with damp and direct sunlight; Second: to where the children can't touch, because product caulking agent is a kind of chemical product, after ingestion can cause harm to the body; Again: packing is filled seam an agent, usually on the market are packed in single pipe extrusion type, to burn it is difficult to save, like the original so we had better use a clean paper or plastic bags attached with a rubber band to speak, to prevent contact with the air gap filling agent, will not affected by the unknown components in the air and gone bad. Finally: unused caulking agent we are not permanent, best can think of some way to run out. Now filled seam an agent, however, basic it is an organic whole multi-purpose, for example, instead of glass glue, doors and Windows, bath crock in the home, what is there in the basin that wash a face or hearth aperture place to use, users will be able to solve the problem of waste of caulking agent.
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