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Use ceramic tile seam filling agent of six big mistake

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Myth: good ceramic tile stick caulking immediately do after a lot of people in order to save time in the decoration, the ceramic tile stick good immediately after caulking. This kind of practice is not correct, because just stick good ceramic tile, gap between is damper, and the tile itself is not stable, easy to cause the caulking agent falls off or not. Should be in ceramic tile stick good after one to two weeks or so, wait for ceramic tile is completely dry construction again. Erroneous zone 2: before construction not clean ceramic tile aperture will contain a lot of dust and dirt in the ceramic tile aperture, if don't clean up ahead of ceramic tile aperture, can affect the construction effect of caulking agent, if the gap is contained in the dirt, also can cause caulking agent summon up, don't do it. Should use the crack-cleaning cones and brush will clean up the gap, gap has enough depth at the same time also can guarantee. Myth 3: for a one-time large-scale construction a lot of people think that things must be done once, do caulking is one-time construction, this tends to cut off the posterior. If you choose the color of their love, but the match to the ceramic tile effect is bad, need to shovel out the redo, so it is very trouble. And a lot of work in construction of large-scale, also easy to delay the other steps of caulking construction. Should be small areas, to ensure that each step has been completed for the next step. Myth: immediately after sizing pressure seam caulking agent immediately after into the gap pressure seam, not fully into the gap will cause gap filling agent, surface subsidence, ceramic tile glue obvious case. Actually should be in the glue minutes and then to seam, which ensures that filled seam an agent to fill the gap. But don't intervals, time is too long can lead to some caulking agent curing, pressure effect. Mistake 5: cleaning the ground right after caulking caulking agent construction must keep dry when, also do not use water to clean the ground after construction. If construction after cleaning the ground directly, it will lead to stain into the gap, gap filling agents before curing come into contact with water, there will be a sparkling, white, fall off. Should fill in seam an agent to clean with clear water after curing, generally in days. Myth: randomly choose a caulking agent owner didn't know the difference between gap filling agent, casually chose a caulking agent. Actually need to use the different regions of different types of gap filling agent, and the quality of caulking agent there are good and bad points. When choose, should distinguish the characteristics of gap filling agent, also select quality assured caulking agent. International ceramic tile seam filling agent not only has a variety of choice, and after-sales service is very considerate, can give you different caulking experience.
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