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Use method and matters needing attention of caulking wax, how much do you know?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Ceramic tile do caulking are common, and there are a variety of caulking products to choose from, the use of different products and different, too. When using gap filling agent, means the need to use tools, whereof every one pay attention to useful. At the time of caulking agent construction, some ceramic tile need labeled or crepe paper on caulking wax, what should the gap filling wax used?

1, the use of the gap filling wax

1. The ceramic tile surface is rough, archaize brick, wood grain brick, etc. , do we have to play the caulking wax, and aluminum alloy, with the corner of wall paper, hit a place like this should be caulking candle;

2. Need to wax, must try to clean out in advance, with the dust on the surface of the cloth to wipe clean;

3. In clean finished sewing, playing before filled seam an agent, fill in the gap on both sides in advance with seam wax, be careful not to wipe wax into the gap, and want right amount, quantity too little, not smooth feeling of ceramic tile surface.

4. Finished wax can normal glue, pressure seam, like on the smooth surface of the ceramic tile adhesive. Caulking agent after curing, can with a shovel knife gap filling agent shovel out, wipe on caulking wax will with caulking agent was off, don't need the extra cleaning.

2, why do you want to play caulking wax?

smooth surface of the ceramic tile can construction directly, this is because after the burn there will be a lot of holes on the surface of the ceramic tile, the factory after polishing wax in the upper, already beautiful can prevent stain into the holes. And surface roughness of ceramic tile can increase the adhesion of caulking agent, and clean up is very troublesome, if oneself in it on a layer of wax, also has the effect of isolation gap filling agent, can be used like the smooth surface of the ceramic tile.

3, caulking, wax and the difference between the crepe paper

although the two are different products, but in the role of caulking construction is the same, the ceramic tile to avoid close contact with caulking agent. The biggest difference between the two step should be to shovel gel, paste, crepe paper need to be torn off after pressure of 15 minutes, need to wait for caulking and caulking wax curing agent before processing.
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