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Visit caulking construction: detail decides the quality!

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Ceramic tile seam filling agent from the beginning of creation, the step by step to grow into a research and development, production, sales, construction as one of the direction. As part of a caulking construction, caulking division and cooperation, at present registered has above all. Caulking products of good quality, considerate after-sales service, is the reason for the choice of the caulking division. And caulking division with exquisite workmanship, after years of temper is also a time, in the construction of the for caulking left a good reputation in the the owner. Today, caulking small make up into the xuzhou splendid lake, understand the caulking teacher here is how to use their own hands, to make a thrilling caulking. Meticulous crack-cleaning is the foundation of caulking construction 'good crack-cleaning is the foundation of caulking can do. ', accept visit caulking division is told small make up. Crack-cleaning, caulking division can clearly know the status of the every piece of ceramic tile aperture now, such as the ceramic tile is what material, on both sides of the brick paving the master when the shop is stuck is cutting the shop is stuck or the whole brick shop is stuck, interior is completely dry. And after determine the situation, also can let caulking division during the next construction know where attention. To decide whether ceramic tile aperture drying as an example, the clear aperture with a shovel knife gap when the inside of the dust out some, if color obviously deeper or render slimy, suggests that exist within the gap still water at this time, unfavorable for caulking construction. If the lighter color is powder, indicates the gap inside is dry, can undertake the construction. In addition, because of the need to use the cement when shop sticks ceramic tile, so in the midst of ceramic tile aperture can be filled with concrete. Dry concrete is hard, with normal or shovel knife knife cannot be completely removed. Experienced caulking division will put up with cutting machine to cut out the cement, the cement clear the gap again after clean. According to the material, temperature wax wax work look more easily, but many inside knowledge, too. Under construction of caulking trainer says, are most of the ceramic tile surface more smooth glazed pottery, wax can need not. Located in the kitchen of the surface of the equipment the balcony to the owner of the shop is stuck is relatively rough, glazed pottery, in order to prevent excess stock touch on ceramic tile clean up not down, so before playing seam wax to go through this process. As to in a few months of winter, indoor temperature lower regions, caulking curing rate and the remaining material cleaning will be affected, so caulking division for ceramic tile waxing. Don't look down upon this wax, although it is attached by a thin layer on both sides of ceramic tile, but this layer is to be able to make up after caulking isolates and ceramic tile, caulking products not adsorption in ceramic tile surface, convenient clear the remaining material, also let the caulking effect more beautiful. Efficiency of different opening and caulking agent products, caulking construction technique is in the midst of caulking division continuously grope for progress. For caulking division, in the case of a day overall workload is bigger, they also want to save some strength in some construction procedure, improve the efficiency of some, let oneself can not only physical home with their family, and to do more a caulking improve earnings. Determination of caulking teacher found that the traditional cutting method of mixing tube, although able to gap filling into the gap, but when faced with a more smooth ceramic tile, oblique mouth of mixing tube and ceramic tile contact will be more easy to skid, cause caulking product with aperture of waste materials. Caulking division by trial and error, and discovered the material mixing tube cutting method: according to ceramic tile aperture size crosscutting a first, and then formed in the nozzle to divide the vertical cut a small section of the drainage channel, this part of the outstanding channel can use pliers to mouth pressing, thus forming a and ceramic tile aperture about feeding channel, slightly flattened. Prominent part in the construction of channels can be together, as it happens and ceramic tile aperture card and flat exports also can let the caulking material discharging is in the shape of a flat above the raised part in the play is also played in the process of extrusion effect, so the effect is like a little on edge when play the same seam caulking side pressure. This method not only can prevent the caulking hit aperture, also can let a tube of caulking product caulking as long as possible. Meticulous pressure seam to do each step while the new blanking tube method for caulking product firmly into the gap, but some of the Yin and Yang Angle, cross joints seam pressure processing still need caulking division again, let the caulking overall in the same plane, more beautiful. At present pressure of caulking division seam pressure generally use tungsten steel rods to seam, cross interface caulking, integral over a gap with a tungsten rod first, then to cross the intersection of the interface as the center, in order to another line separately on both sides of the seam, the seam pressure strength, speed is caulking divisions according to their own experience. Yin and Yang Angle seam pressure typically require the tail after cutting of tungsten steel bar to match the seam pressure. Part of Yin Angle seam pressure can the seam pressure strength slightly bigger than usual, so Yin Angle some caulking material which is completely separated from the ontology. Need to use the specific provisions of Yang Angle cutting of tungsten rod end of 'V' word to seam pressure, pressure when the seam is, but use a little force for caulking ontology which is completely separated from the remaining material, facilitate clear excess stock of late. Seemingly simple caulking construction, actually also need these unknown skills. It is because there are those willing to think about caulking, caulking products, caulking process also will be getting better and better.
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