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Visit FM103 caulking. 3 in the first home 'show, caulking new experience!

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
On Sunday morning, caulking came to xuzhou people's broadcasting station, again with FM. The first home program, as old friends, have more topic can be discussed. Director of sales manager zhu caulking east China headquarters, explained the current to a broad audience caulking industry status quo, as well as the audience friends caulking existing common pitfalls. In the process of live, getting the audience friends leave a message, proved that your friends don't waste the trip. Small make up listening to colleagues introduced to caulking in xuzhou the first construction service or a cherry blossom town an aunt home, first home or filled seam an agent, the products on the market at that time is not as now the overall product variety, at the same time for new product caulking agent type on the market is still not fully accepted, it is enough to show that a few years gap filling agent, as a new thing, everybody is significantly increase for its acceptance. Now caulking and evil people mixed up the market, product quality is uneven, and many of the owners think caulking good, but do not know how to start. Carefully prepared for the audience in the show more concern of caulking, in plain language to explain to the audience, caulking, and show the audience the norms of construction standard, hopes to caulking knowledge dissemination to the public, and further standardize the caulking market. How is caulking market? Many don't understand of the audience is very curious, how the caulking is popular. About this problem, the manager zhu has carried on the detailed solutions. Caulking arose in the year, so far it's been nearly a decade of development; The years ago, when most of the ceramic tile aperture are made with white cement for caulking, after a month or two black ceramic tile aperture started mildewy, where one of the most serious is the kitchen and bathroom. Caulking, on the one hand is because the color of white cement is single, consumers hope to have a diversified colors of products to fill gaps; On the other hand is the hope of ceramic tile aperture can keep clean and tidy. Nowadays caulking popular there is another reason, is to consider the children, zhu manager from the perspective of their own, caulking, why would be consumers need. Manager zhu said to the child's physical health, all in the home is decorated also choose environmental protection material; Caulking, too, as parents, zhu manager is very worried about the market on brand caulking agent products of the mold will be run by children on the ground and crawling infection to children, and caulking mouldproof antimicrobial properties make this concern. Clean ceramic tile aperture, not only appearance is comfortable, the health and safety consideration is necessary to do. What are the correct steps caulking construction? Caulking is necessary, formal caulking construction is an indispensable link for caulking. Sales manager Mr Liu explained the caulking construction to the audience of the eight construction process, can let owner to polish eyes to identify normal construction, also can let the caulking teacher learning to correct the construction process, at the same time of self-improvement help peer progress together. In the owner's acceptance, the owner at the time of acceptance, can focus on observing the caulking of kitchen and toilet. Because the two rooms before construction generally will be wet, if ready caulking here, then other rooms will be no problem. There is to see each room of the anchor line, see if caulking remained flat. Finally can get some caulking teacher asked more than expected, also can be seen from the remaining material gap filling the product quality is good, flexibility, make sure those goals are met. The consequences of incorrect caulking construction? Said to the construction of the importance of correct, many audience also asked on the platform, if not through the construction of standard, what is the consequence? Here to share the two examples. The first example is that one owner, after on the Internet the construction course, caulking, think you can do so in the online purchase caulking tools and materials. After the crack-cleaning at home, the owner spent an hour to finish a piece of brick X caulking. Know caulking construction is not easy, the owner found caulking decisive division, let caulking finished caulking. There is also a frequently encountered situation, the owner after paying one or two months, due to improper construction and caulking product quality problem, caulking appeared falls off phenomenon. This time again to find the professional team of caulking, caulking already holds together and ceramic tile, rooting out alone is very time, plus to do caulking, is time consuming. Because the caulking is currently not completely from the root out clean ceramic tile aperture, the second do caulking is bound to the gap filling effect and caulking life irreparable impact. So, want to a complete caulking were also quite satisfied, must choose to professional construction team. Good quality products and professional construction, let fits grade to the next level. Program is drawing to a close, to introduce the audience to only the surface of caulking industry, but also have been able to let owner experience professional caulking is what feeling, help the owner in the choice after more. At the end of the show, zhu manager delegates to make commitment to the audience, the deadline to June 21, if heard from 'the first household' caulking and consumption of consumers, caulking will give away the ground of toilet caulking, you can take advantage of this activity in need time to experience the high quality service.
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