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Wall corner caulking should pay attention to these details

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Ceramic tile will be affected by the temperature heat bilges cold shrink, so shop sticks ceramic tile will leave a gap, floor tile caulking construction is not very difficult, but the wall corner where some of the detailed construction difficulty is very big still. To do kung fu good details, caulking is a reminder that you need to pay attention to these details. , in general do caulking, metope can take on before, from horizontal to vertical operating principles. Sideways after filled in a gap filling, and then with caulking, under the influence of gravity, caulking grout will slowly flowing downwards, so this method is relatively easy to operate. And sew on the part of the wall fill out first, then fill in the part, after the first high low caulking, such construction way would not be destroyed because of the part of the wall construction on the part of time. Mixing tube incision can too small nor too big, and ceramic tile aperture size is ok. Fractures and after fill in the hours before the redundant with blade gap filling agent, scraping to intensify efforts at ordinary times, must fill in seam an agent with not completely solidified with the blade. , the new shop sticks ceramic tile, gap at least ~ mm wide, deep ~ mm, and width of archaize ceramic tile of mm, usually to clean up before caulking gap, gap must be clean, smooth, not with water. If it is resealing of old ceramic tile, need to sort out with art design knife gap, at least ~ mm wide, deep ~ mm, also need to clean up the gap and gap filling. Between, in the corner and brick seam caulking, need to wipe out a radian and metope gap size moderate line, and then use a sponge mop wipe, note cannot too wet sponge, efforts to control good, makes every effort to line thickness is consistent, in this way can make gap filling effect have stereo feeling. And to pay attention to: (when using gap filling agent ) Choose regular brands gap filling grout, quality pass caulking agent belongs to a kind of non-ferrous insipidity of new environmental protection materials. Can light smell before use, if have pungent peculiar smell, that belong to the inferior filled seam an agent, fill the seam an agent not only short of caulking adornment effect, also damage to our living environment health. ( ) If caulking gun without peculiar smell, can squeeze out a little and pull, see if consistency pass, if in the process of pulling a filamentous is not broken, show consistency and bonding degree of good quality. ( ) After caulking, look at the surface of caulking agent is full, will sag, etc; With paper or rags on cleansing, if caulking is intact, then filled seam an agent of high hardness and good quality. ( ) can form a layer of waterproof protection after dry, so we can pour some water in sew, will see the sewage infiltration, to judge the quality of caulking agent. Caulking is very easy to do in the later use clean, also do not need special maintenance. The use of caulking agent is not complicated, as long as the attention to detail construction again, can drive the whole space adornment effect.
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