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Want to ceramic tile level outstanding appearance, with the three steps

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
No matter how popular new material, ceramic tile always are owners prefer decoration materials. Its design and color is rich, the modelling is ever changing, suitable for all kinds of decoration style. It fight corrupt wear-resisting, easy to clean, to save the extra time to housework. Ceramic tile is good, everyone knows. But after some construction procedure, make ceramic tile more attractive, you know? The basis of outstanding appearance level - — The shop is stuck flat because of the effect of material and firing process of ceramic tile itself, good quality ceramic tile is not smooth. But in actual shop is stuck, ceramic tile to be flat. This requires brick paving the teacher in the process of construction, for the case become warped varying degrees of ceramic tile leveling. Leveling method, generally has the shop is stuck, jacking the shop is stuck, etc. Method of degree of the shop is stuck, it is to have the decorative pattern of design and color of ceramic tile can arrange a nice shape, 2 it is to make ceramic tile according to their own characteristics leveling consciously. Jacking method of the shop is stuck, is to use the weight to flatten the portion of the case become warped. Preparation of appearance level - — Want to let the appearance of ceramic tile seam level to the next level, it is need to do some decoration for ceramic tile. The owner knows, ceramic tile is affected by the temperature will produce heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, so the need for a ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile with set aside a crack. These leave if you don't find the cracks in the filler filled with cracks inside the shelters will become a waste, owner cleaning will be not very convenient. So, ceramic tile gap filling, was placed on. Before arranging caulking construction, preparation of the seam is very important. To achieve different caulking effects, need to set aside the different size of ceramic tile aperture. Under normal circumstances, the floor tile need to stay - The gaps between the mm; Wall brick need to leave. - The gaps between the mm; Setting wall can according to different types of ceramic tile aperture leave mm and above; Special requirements for special material can customize the gap width, but cannot be less than the mm. Superior combat appearance level - — Caulking smooth ceramic tile shop is stuck, after drying, internal gap distance, can fill in ceramic tile seam. Ceramic tile seam caulking is roughly divided into clear, sewing, sewing, remove excess stock four steps, after completion of construction, and acceptance of the owner, the owner the ceramic tile in the home can look brand-new. Crack-cleaning crack-cleaning is filled seam an grout, a construction of the construction of more time-consuming because after ceramic tile aperture internal cleanliness level directly affects the actual effect of caulking. Crack-cleaning work from caulking division of a shovel knife, the knife in his hand. The shovel knife, knife blade extends to the sides of ceramic tile aperture, Angle of blade and gap around ° Angle to draw on both sides, the gap of the dust out. If there are any cracks inside concrete into pieces, skilled caulking division will use grinder to cut cement. Note grinder speed cannot too fast, caulking laid hands on him to seek improvement in stability, also don't hurt ceramic tile. To crack all over, caulking division to simple cleaning the external dust, then you need to use industrial vacuum cleaners will crack of internal dust suction clean. After vacuuming, still need to use clean cloth to wipe clean on both sides will crack. If there are any archaize brick surface rough, not smooth, such as ceramic tile, or caulking construction under the winter cold weather, after clean gap, gap filling division also need to play on both sides of ceramic tile on a layer of caulking wax. Before play seam formal play seam, there are a few steps. If it is lower than the temperature in winter or ℃ environment construction, before the official start of the caulking, need to heat the caulking products appropriately. Can be in ℃ - ℃ warm water soak minutes or so, also can use heating bag, little auxiliary heating. Caulking products after heating, the installation to the glue guns, then install on mixing tube and for mixing tube openings. Mixing tube openings need to agree with the size of the ceramic tile aperture, the size of the glue, that may some relative energy saving. Before the formal glue, need to roughly caulking around the ml of product, make the mixing tube caulking product mix, prevent caulking due to uneven mixing and dry conditions. Glue according to the process of caulking teacher's own habits, can be in before, can be in after the first, you can first after the transverse and longitudinal, can also after the first longitudinal cross, be careful not to leak. Seam pressure after finished a set of caulking products, seam pressure and be able to start working. Suggest caulking division the order of the seam pressure mostly the same, with the order of play seam caulking division so late won't appear omissions. Seam pressure, you need to use the professional pressure sewing tools such as tungsten steel bar the caulking pressing products, within the aperture and ceramic tile gap filling on either side of the remaining material completely separated from within the gap. Pressure cross Angle, need to press a gap among them, the other side of the gap in the middle as a starting point to the opposite direction, if some slightly uneven, also needs to make some adjustments. Remove excess stock caulking roughly in the hour or so can do surface drying, good quality product caulking flexibility will be stronger, with the shovel knife gently pry up a Angle, can drive the whole aperture on the remaining material. After cleaning the remaining material, caulking products also need to have a rough day drying period, in the days after the owner to be able to move the furniture. Follow the above steps, the ceramic tile of your home can be on the basis of the original beauty, awaken it new glamour, don't move fast! Caulking with true king of porcelain, porcelain, water-based epoxy, water beauty side four treasure caulking products category. Product of green environmental protection, color is rich, is the pursuit of beauty and environmental protection of the owner to the inevitable choice of home decoration.
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