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Want to do caulking, keep in mind that these seven steps, but also in accordance with the

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Do caulking isn't caulking special supervision of the work, the others to oneself also can do, by studying caulking construction procedure, will be good caulking work step by step. Want to do caulking, keep in mind that these seven steps, but also be prepared in accordance with the requirements, otherwise caulking effect may appear problem.

there are seven steps to do caulking, colors & rarr; Crack-cleaning & rarr; Stickers & rarr; Glue & rarr; Seam pressure & rarr; Shovel rubber & rarr; Acceptance

a, colors

there are many kinds of color filled seam an agent, when choosing, can choose with the color of the ceramic tile color close, also can choose the color of the commonly used, in order to avoid off color, can take the collocation of the color matching tile effect. If you have a friend like art to decorate, also can choose more bold colors, but should be suitable for the style of the decoration.

2, crack-cleaning

clear gap is the most important steps for caulking, use clean seam cone will sort out the inside of the filler, dust of ceramic tile aperture, some on both sides of ceramic tile is not flat, these impurities must be removed; Cracks inside to dryness test at the same time, will paper towel into the gap, take out after 24 hours, if tissues become soft, aperture damp, need to dry and then to the construction.

3, stickers

this step is for the ceramic tile of rough surface, or wall, on the edge of ceramic tile aperture crepe paper, in order to cut ceramic tile and caulking agent direct contact. Stick good can directly make gum, seam pressure crepe paper, wait until the seam pressure can be directly to the crepe paper torn off, do not need to wait for caulking agent curing.

4, glue

a lot of people don't know, glue before making 40 cm long from the hose colloid, and the colloid mixed unevenly, cannot use, need to throw away. At the time of glue will keep uniform, ensure the caulking agent to fill the gap, but also should avoid caulking agent insufficient collapse.

five, the seam pressure

gap filling agent, after finished seam pressure is about to begin, don't wait for caulking precipitation agent himself into the slot, pressure seam can fill compaction seam an agent, also can let the caulking agent fully stick to crack. Should pay attention to when pressure seam strength, one-time pressure gap but can not be repeated, seam in the Angle of the special position of Yin and Yang, it is more convenient to use special clamp construction.

6, plastic shovel

pressure after sewing the next step is to shovel adhesive, but cannot directly shovel, need caulking agent such as curing before. Different products of different curing time, some can cure a few hours, while others have to wait 24 hours later, and the temperature of high and low will affect the curing time of caulking agent. The smooth surface caulking agent with the shovel can shovel up gently, don't need to spend too much energy, only will produce a lot of excess material.

7, acceptance

caulking after don't rush clean ceramic tile, the need for acceptance, see if gap is complete, if in some places there is a problem, can be repaired in the first place, and will not affect the overall behind.
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