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Water filled seam an agent before construction should pay attention to what problem?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Water filled seam an agent before construction should pay attention to what problem? Sometimes when we finish caulking tile, there will be a problem of one sort or another, that is because we did not fully prepared before the fill in ceramic tile seam or the product of the agent that is we choose caulking water there is a problem, so we chose caulking agent products is also very important. Next we need to know about water filled seam an agent construction and concrete methods. Then you can get to the Internet access to relevant information, you can even see a video of construction, can also see the caulking agent instructions on the package, can even experts consulted caulking, anyhow can instantly make you all the information can be professional construction. 。 Then start to prepare water-based caulking agent construction tools. Glue water gun, sponge, pen knife, scraper, material plate, crack-cleaning tools, basin, towel, etc. , some tools can use substitute. This advice you to buy on taobao or when buying caulking agent products to buy. 。 Clean ceramic tile aperture, can use special crack-cleaning tools ( Wallpaper knife flat; The blade and ceramic tile edges parallel; The blade almost parallel with the ground) About. Mm grooves; Grooves on both sides with ceramic tile edge; Ps cross intersections must clean up good, of course, also can use the brush. 。 At the same time, you can according to the thickness of ceramic tile aperture decide to full fill or half fill, usually for less than. Mm thin seam, we can choose full fill, for large thick seam, we can use jointing agent render first, reoccupy water filled seam an agent, such not only can save material, can achieve the result that you want. Above is basically a water-based caulking agent construction the matters needing attention before, you can take a closer look at.
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