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Ways to use the exterior caulking agent and pay attention to matters

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Once people use white cement pointing, pointing with colorful caulking agent in recent years, but adornment a few months down will find: ceramic tile seam will be yellow dirty black, and that the more darker, it has brought a bedroom beautiful not harmonious, Browning of black brick is breeds a lot of bacteria, affecting people in good health. This is because the white cement and caulking agent first.

now lives in the sitting room, often encounter between hutch defends ceramic tile aperture change from white to black, highly health beautiful, black brick joints will breed bacteria, peculiar smell, serious harm to human health. Caulking agent and caulking agent has essential difference. Caulking agent: ingredients are white cement and trace of polymer, pigment; White white degree is around 86%, surface is slightly higher than that of white cement strength; In short gap filling agent white degree is low, paste strength is low, pulverization phenomenon is serious, prone to yellow brick joints become dirty, in humid environment is mould breeding grounds, direct hook wide brick seam cracks will happen, only advantage is low price.

exterior caulking agent alter way to alter the way about ceramic tile, and relative to indoor ceramic tile, exterior wall after using gap filling agent, the effect will be better.

liquid filled seam an agent to activities, directly spray gun pressure into the seam in diagonal direction along the brick surface, fill the gaps, then wipe out the appearance of the rest of the mucilage; Dressing is should pay attention to let its natural drying, after waiting for caulking agent has surely hardness, with a rubber spatula or slightly wet sponge, etc will sew caulking agent compaction and finishing. Then use slightly wet sponge or cloth to clean ceramic tile clean clean. Seam pressure gap filling and repair time is 30 ~ 90 minutes commonly, the lower the temperature, needs the longer the interval of time.
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