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What are some common mistakes demonstration caulking construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
For decoration industry, now in general is very widely now, there are some details of the floor, it is very important to select material, and the beautiful appearance is very important, but in the areas of the household, is to use a frictional material is compared commonly good, such as how the role of caulking construction now, and in the choice of materials, demonstration of what is wrong?

common mistake:

error: immediately after ceramic tile shop sticks for caulking construction

caulking agent construction of a large requirement is ceramic tile aperture to keep dry, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck after go through a period of time, such as the moisture evaporation inside caulking construction can become dry. If ceramic tile just after the shop is stuck for caulking agent construction, affects the effect of caulking agents present.

error 2: the ceramic tile aperture not clear direct caulking construction

if the dirt is in the construction of ceramic tile aperture, can seriously affect the service life of caulking agent and effects. Is the right thing to ceramic tile gap filling before construction, with dishcloth, fine wool brush and vacuum cleaner will first seam cleaning to clean again in construction.

mistake 3: one-time caulking construction range is too big,

pick himself like caulking agent color with joy at the beginning of construction, construction completed, only to find that the color and ceramic tile set up is not good, at this time to think about only two ways: remedy the caulking agent directly to the shovel to construction, or into new caulking agent covering the original gap filling agent. Although the former cost is larger, the latter can save cost but the effect not beautiful, short service life.

error: four seam caulking construction immediately after pressure processing

the filled seam an agent construction immediately after seam, can lead to material may not be pressed into the seam, but if the time is too long part material curing pressure effect, out without also affect luster. Correct pressure seam construction after a period of time is about five minutes to seam pressure effect is good.

error 5: the next day after caulking agent handle overflow excess stock

there are a lot of construction of teacher is often the first day of the next day after caulking agent to clean up the remaining material on both sides of the crack, time is too long is bad, what would be the right way to use the summer around four hours can shovel on both sides of the excess gap filling agent, winter can be cleaned up 6 hours or so, if in some region of lower temperature cleaning time delay in about two hours.
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