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What are the common problems caulking agent construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Just laying ceramic tile, home, every few days to do caulking? In general, tiles - Days can be caulking, such as days of rain and snow and other special weather, professional caulking division will choose relatively damp bathroom for a small area of the gap filling test, determine the qualified to fill on the seam construction. Brick of the wall, the old house has anti alkali caulking phenomenon can also do? Can, but need to clean up an alkali gap after thoroughly dry, or after caulking alkali will reverse to the surface of gap filling agent, the caulking unstable, causing rework. Caulking, ground heating can do? Of course, but in greenhouses caulking, need to pay attention to two points, one is the need to select good quality of caulking products, such as caulking; Second, the need to find the professional caulking master. And has a floor heating homes, ground brick wall temperature of heat bilges cold shrink degree bigger than the floor heating, and ground heating is have been leave good gap hardcover room, crack width is different. If too narrow a gap, gap filling product flexibility is not strong, is easy to choose into a brick wall crack and the situation of the empty drum. Get your hands on, caulking agent on how to do? General a certain concentration of alcohol can be directly used for cleaning, but if has been frozen, you need to soak in the hot water for a period of time again with alcohol wash out, drenched in hand sanitizer corrupt place first, then add water dilute vinegar, with solution with the brush scrub gently.
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