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What are the main points of the waterproof construction toilet?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Toilet is construction of the roof waterproof processing one of the most important thing, it is about the importance of external wall roofing waterproof. To use better waterproof coating, must by the professional waterproof construction team operation, do a good job after the waterproof layer, the water immersion test should be closed water test on the ground and metope, in order to make sure the ground and wall waterproof effect. So what is the toilet waterproof construction points? Small make up to you: caulking agent of environmental protection. : the root and the joint leakage occurs mainly root on the floor, floor, pipeline leakage, Yin and Yang Angle etc. Reason is loose, in areas such as the leakage of pipeline root, floor adhesive is not strong, the brush is lax, local waterproof layer is damaged, the edges and corners of the bathroom easy leakage problems, so we must strengthen waterproof processing. 。 The weak parts of the waterproof processing: pay attention to the weak parts of the joint construction in detail, brush on waterproof coating. Pipe, floor drain, etc. Through the ground, pay attention to the construction of waterproof layer around the hole. All up and down the tube to cement root protection, brush meters waterproof coating from the ground, and then make the waterproof layer to form composite ground waterproof layer, in order to improve the waterproof performance. 。 Bathroom wall: when we use the sink, water will splash into the adjacent walls, if there is no waterproof protection, wet mildew wall is easy to occur. Before laying brick wall, therefore, we need to be waterproof treatment of the wall. Ceramic tile seam filling agent advice: no bearing of lightweight wall at least. Meters high, full range wall waterproof effect is better. The bathroom wall around it should be. Meters high, and the bath adjacent metope waterproof coating level should be higher than the height of the bath, in order to avoid leakage. 。 And floor drain outlet: between the bathroom floor must tilt, so that drainage is smooth and not stagnation. Bathroom suitable waterproof coating is particularly important, decorate should try to avoid changing the original drainage pipe leakage location and floor, if have change, will destroy the original waterproof layer, waterproof you must do it again. 。 The bathroom floor, the floor of the bathroom will be renovated, damage of waterproof. Once the damage, repair in time, make the waterproof layer. Between wei yu in the replacement of floor tile, the original floor tile should be covered with cement mortar, then brush, scraper or waterproof coating drum evenly on the wet surface, in order to prevent the leakage of paint and bunkers, rise again after the first layer with the second floor. Should be paid attention to in the process of construction, keep the mud mixed in a row, to prevent precipitation. After you see the above content, with waterproof construction are the main points of the toilet! If you have any questions, please consult us!
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