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What are the precautions for caulking agent construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
What are the precautions for caulking agent need first? Ceramic tile seam filling agent construction time generally before into furniture not only leave out the trouble that move furniture, also not give caulking agent havoc in ceramic tile seam filling agent construction ceramic tile aperture cannot have water, dust, grease and other impurities, ceramic tile seam filling agent construction need to fill the bottom seam an agent, the flat seam filling agent will be the better the results.

second, still need to pay attention to what? The sitting room, or bedroom balcony caulking construction in the painters ( Or stick the wallpaper) , after the completion of the ceiling in order to reduce workload and cleaning, general caulking after construction is to try to furniture, cabinets, sanitary ware entered, this is we compare in the actual construction time period after a little advice, of course according to the owner of the construction period and the time arrangement is given priority to. Caulking 24 small scrubbing can be normal use after construction, even if there is dust again fell into the gap surface also easy to erase.

in the end, you also need to pay attention to what? If you are a novice, suggest to play 20 cm 50cm; Gradually after skilled, can play longer length, a gun when the glue guns flat, discharging mouth below material plate catch; Caulking when discharging need even less not more easily, note a long 1 m and scrape to evenness immediately, can not blow over a period of time again, caulking agent on the surface of partial lack of caulking agent in brick joints can fill again when cleaning.

through introducing related small make up the gap filling agent, when see ceramic tile aperture, don't look beautiful, as we can through the small gap filling agent to help you solve the trouble. Have filled seam an agent, you don't have to worry about ceramic tile when for Mosaic to troubles such as the gap.
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