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What are the precautions for caulking construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
, caulking, best to stick the ceramic tile to after a week, some workers lack of experience or lazy, ceramic tile shop soon after, adhesive has not got for caulking dry, so after adhesive is dry, such as gap could widen, such gap filling effect is not good, affect the whole beautiful sex very much. To be a very clean, caulking environment. If there are some dust sawdust crevice, very influence of effect, so it needs our furniture caulking installed before, but the kitchen is the ceiling before caulking. Is the same reason, to ensure that the environment is clean, do not have too much dust dirt and wood chips, such as the impact of the effect. And caulking best left to the cm gap easier before construction, make the effect also better. , caulking, must not be in the damp weather, such as rain cloudy, such as the moisture content is higher in the air, on the one hand, caulking dry degree is not enough, the effect is not good, when the weather is dry, you will find some glue out or other all sorts of problems, it is better to choose a fine dry weather. Indoor do ceramic tile gap filling, we should pay attention to the construction steps and matters needing attention, although the caulking is generally not water, so attention should be paid to make preparations for construction, guarantee the quality of construction, Suggestions, please professional personage to construction, it also can have a good living environment, let your house is decorated more beautiful.
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