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What are the tips toilet decorates? Take you to understand

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
TOP: toilet is small, with a bathtub is not a dream, don't say small toilet Ann can't also don't say bath crock is not practical for friends love the bath tub is promoting happiness super artifact and now on the market can also buy a small bathtub with small toilet don't is a dream. Bath depth is not enough, might as well choose some narrow bathroom bath crock above can also do some bright color with light color matching bathroom ark, make toilet clean clear plan the position of a bathtub, measure good measure is the key TOP: toilet decorate how good-looking toilet decorates is commonly bright light color to give priority to local still can do make a space more clever lively can also use a large area of bright colors to render outstanding character but no matter how to decorate a comfortable and beautiful space that defend bath is neat and bright, or the overall light with bright color TOP caulking grout: installation shower area, more and more owners choose shower is suitable for various types of bathroom, small toilet shower province, using the shower curtain can do simple dry wet depart, dismissed most of the people ', not practical waste water, large installed outside bath crock, toilet can also extra installed a shower, why not, rich, capricious. If the shower didn't do the glass partition, suggested on the basis of the article waterproof, add a shower curtain, otherwise, the wet man always feels sick - — Experience from a n experienced person. Counters are put to the bathroom, don't get so narrow the space inside the dry wet depart do properly, the bathroom furniture, household appliances is a kind of protection with a little green plant, the air and mood more comfortable tile shop at will, not by design, have more fun enough, you see, depth of color is tie-in, but there is a kind of idyllic lines of mesa, L make washing more operating space is the classical collocation of black and white, clean! TOP: dry wet depart, ㎡ can dry wet depart includes several aspects, one is the shower area and separation of the sink, toilet; The other is a separation of the bathroom and counters. We now talk about a second, separate bathroom and counters. Outside the bathroom design about one party ㎡, used as a sink, not only can let a bathroom space bigger, better use the bathroom outside the ㎡ small space, still can maintain bath outside dry and comfortable, enhance security, prolong the service life of the article such as bathroom ark, is fully staffed.
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