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What does catalyst in ceramic tile seam filling agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Catalysts are cement-based permeable crystallization type waterproof coating ceramic tile is the essence of caulking agent products, is the soul of the product unique properties. Each manufacturer's product, in terms of quality, technical performance indicators, the vast part of the reason comes from the use of this item is correct specification. Appear on the market of fake and shoddy products, in quality and price and real cement-based permeable crystallization type waterproof coating ceramic tile jointing agent, that is why this. In cement-based permeable crystallization type waterproof coating ceramic tile gap filling agent product introduction, usually called the catalyst for the 'special active chemical matter. Since for a long time, generally more than domestic building materials research and development institutions, has successfully developed in real sense to this kind of catalyst, so people will be the known as 'import masterbatch. Generally in the service life of concrete engineering is about ~ years, a lot of engineering in the use of ~ years, some even less than years, both need to be fixed. Complete the project can't meet with ordinary cement concrete durability ( Super durable) The root cause of the requirements, and the internal structure of concrete itself. First of all, to meet the requirements of the workability of concrete construction, namely water, high water cement ratio, and concrete rates are high, the gap of cement volume % ~ %. Especially the wool stoma accounts for much, wool stoma is moisture, various erosion medium, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other harmful substances into the inside the concrete channel, cause the lack of durability of concrete. Second, the water in the cement hydrates to lack of stability. After the Portland cement hydration are the main compounds of high basicity, alkaline hydrated calcium silicate, calcium spray chlorate, hydrated calcium aluminate. In addition, there are large number of free lime in natural gas hydrates, its low strength, poor stability, under the condition of erosion, is part of the first erosion. To greatly improve the durability of concrete, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate the stability of the combination of low, especially the free lime. To improve the durability of concrete, it is necessary to reduce the porosity of concrete, especially the capillary porosity, the primary way is to reduce concrete mixing water consumption. But if purely to reduce water consumption, the workability of concrete decreases, and leads to compacted molding difficult to work, also cause concrete structure are not dense, appear even macroscopic defects such as honeycomb, not only the decrease of strength of concrete, and the durability of concrete is reduced at the same time, the current by means of reducing porosity is often mixed with high efficiency water reducing agent, but still failed to fundamentally solve the problem. The working principle of ceramic tile seam filling agent in water as the carrier, the internal structure by surface water erosion, are introduced to the internal hole seam structure, and the bibulous expands in the structural hole seam, dense and sparse, effectively reduce the porosity of the concrete, especially the capillary porosity, gradually formed a small area, permeability greatly improving the structure of the overall ability of permeability.
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