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What is a ceramic tile waveguide line?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Ceramic tile shop is stuck, brought together more generation decorates is wisdom. From large and small ceramic tile shop sticks way, to all kinds of new type of ceramic tile, ceramic tile have been innovation, make the change of the pattern of domestic outfit more. In the face of such new changes, ceramic tile is filled seam an agent products emerging things, but can also be good and be in harmony of ceramic tile aperture. Transmission line, the name for a lot of people may be more strange, but it is often used in daily ceramic tile shop sticks. Usually, people often referred to as the lace or line, etc, it is mainly used to walk on the surface of the ceramic tile porch and corridor, etc. , with the increase of resident area of transmission line is more used in places such as dining-room, sitting room, used to split the layout space, the application of transmission line, is becoming more and more mature and widely. On line waveguide line useful to ordinary ceramic tile cutting processing, has specially processed products. It has no fixed size, average width for mm, mm, mm, length is mm, mm, Archaize brick) Mm, mm, mm, etc. According to the requirement of owner, some cutting ceramic tile ceramic tile shop sticks personnel will be on the scene to reach the end. The effect of transmission line, transmission line to ground play a decorative role, make the level of the ground ceramic tile more rich change, also has artistic flavor more. , for a large space, the transmission line can play a role in the ground different functional zoning. Such as regional segmentation of sitting room and dining-room, corridor region segmentation between room and corridor. In large area of space, for a variety of different style of ceramic tile of the shop is stuck, Especially large ceramic tile) spelling a flower , have played an important role in a transitional waveguide line. Though waveguide line is widely used, but is less space for a small family or place, or use carefully, prevent certain constraints on space. In the process of ceramic tile gap filling agent, waveguide line also has many places need caulking division is worth attention. Waveguide line of ceramic tile seam filling agent notice in ceramic tile aperture is too small, in some cases, due to the tile shop sticks personnel's error, transmission line seam will be less than other ground tile, seam to mm gap. Small aperture of ceramic tile gap filling agent, although may effect does not have a large gap of good, but the caulking division is to be carried out in accordance with the original fixed step caulking gun construction ceramic tile, and before the ceramic tile gap filling agent, should be to owner to clarify small cracks formed by caulking grout ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling agent effect will be unlike other gaps, but dustproof ceramic tile gap filling agent, mouldproof bacteriostatic effect still exist. Seam in pressure, caulking can slightly hard, will be ceramic tile seam filling agent completely apart from the side gap of the remaining material, prevent because the gap is too narrow and cause with ceramic tile seam filling agent products and remaining material together, shovel excess stock increased difficulty. , cutting ceramic tile seam qing yi BengCi some cases, the transmission line is made of the reentry after cutting ceramic tile ceramic tile shop sticks on the shop is stuck. Because of the different cutting technology, possible individual gap, there are some small BengCi phenomenon. When found BengCi phenomenon of ceramic tile, caulking should be vigilant when it ShiZaiQing seam. Best before starting ceramic tile gap filling agent to owner pointed to the spot where the BengCi, let owner understands, avoid misunderstanding. For such fragile waveguide line, caulking crack-cleaning t is best to use pen knife, shovel knife size is too big, is likely to cause secondary BengCi ceramic tile. Pen knife crack-cleaning take three steps model. As a first step, and ceramic tile plane degree Angle, according to the direction of crack across a knife. The second step, the left ( Right) And ceramic tile aperture degrees across ceramic tile aperture, clean up dust on it. The third step, to the right ( Left) And ceramic tile aperture degrees across ceramic tile aperture, make internal clean. , the ground is too dirty to be more clear as we all know, the ceramic tile of the ground will be much more dirty than the ceramic tile of metope. Especially the corridor or on the ground near the kitchen, often with a thick layer of dust, and these places, also often can have the adornment of the transmission line. So, caulking, cracks in the preliminary cleaning can not only clean up again ceramic tile aperture, it is best to clean up a few times more, in the early use of the shovel or scraping knife to dust, it is best to use the brush to brush away dust check, if there is dust to clean it again. In addition, the ceramic tile of the ground crack must use high power vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust will crack inside again, only the early stage of the clean carefully deal with the ceramic tile aperture, can prevent the late perfection of ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, and to prevent the occurrence of loss ceramic tile gap filling agent, discoloration, and so on and so forth. Ceramic tile is filled seam an agent products in the service of ceramic tile aperture of decorative building materials products, in the face of ceramic tile on the market a variety of the shop is stuck, caulking division more still need to, to do fine, every step of the construction steps in the end also can make the owner satisfaction effect of ceramic tile seam filling agent. Ceramic tile seam filling agent in founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, through ceramic tile seam filling agent in the fierce competition, the development of the market with variety of high quality ceramic tile seam filling grout products, improve the comprehensive construction service, safe and reliable after-sale protection stands in today's ceramic tile seam filling agent market, firmly industry leading position. Ceramic tile seam filling grout's, he jie, roubaix, nest, xin porcelain five brand products, for consumers to have more choose ceramic tile gap filling agent, make ceramic tile seam filling agent part of healthy environmental protection home outfit.
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