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What is a stone door caulking?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Decorate a style to the increasingly rich, many of the owners also will choose their favorite elements to make domestic outfit style add more personality. Under the guidance of the personality trend, stone door this traditional design elements also has become a part of the personality home outfit. And caulking is currently one of the popular home decoration materials, the traditional stone door and emerging between caulking, can bring about sparks: what kind of pop? What is the stone door? Stone door evolved by the threshold of the ancient courtyard, usually divided the space. In people's living environment is gradually from the courtyard into the apartment, stone door also gradually simplified, the article from the heavy stone, wood into a thin slab. At present in domestic outfit, stone door still in each room on the door, have the effect of break up a space; Or slightly raised, have the effect of blocking water. In addition, there are also some family is only for decoration purpose and erection of stone door, the door stone has spawned to decorate the effect. The stone door caulking how to do? A stone door, toilet toilet as mentioned above, the general is retaining water of effect. When doing dry wet depart, parts of the shower with the door the stone circle to be a weather bar. So the owner in the process of after using the bathroom, won't appear the whole toilet is water. Due to the manger, bathroom stone door generally come into contact with the water will be more, stone gap can easily penetrate into bath water, if there is no gap filling protection stone gap in time, is likely to cause the door at the bottom of the stone coating was soaked for a long time, which can lead to fall off. So, toilet stone door caulking, want to use waterproof caulking products can guarantee the service life of toilet water retaining stone door. Caulking once dry, can with the gap between the stone door firmly adsorbed. And the gap filling surface has a layer of protective film, prevent moisture deep deep influence coating viscosity. In addition, caulking also has good toughness, can with the stone door heat bilges cold shrink and expansion, to prevent the occurrence of cracks, stone door to guarantee its service life. Room, the door of the room, the door is the door stones are common place, here is the stone door is commonly used as a space differentiate, the example of the different features between the two regions. Both inside and outside the room two floor materials or under the condition of different colors, stone door will also, as a kind of transition was decorated in this cohesion. Because the stone door at the gate of the room decoration effect is stronger, so also spawned a variety of stone material door. , archaize brick stone door archaize brick stone commonly used in room door inside and outside two area is archaize brick decorate a style. Archaize brick stone the color of the door is relatively abundant, into a long strip evenly arranged. Archaize brick stone door when caulking to note: the surface of archaize brick less abrasion, so at the start of construction for ceramic tile evenly on both sides before waxing, prevent excess stock later when cleaning shovel knife, knife cut ceramic tile surface. Rich, Mosaic, stone Mosaic of colorful door, can attract the attention of people. As a result, the Mosaic stone door is popular among young owner wants to show personality. Mosaic of the gap is more, use common bi-component caulking products will be more complicated, so when do caulking for Mosaic, select the waterborne epoxy caulking will be some. Waterborne epoxy with only a fixed proportion mixing, can use the scraper, sponge will easily solve Mosaic caulking. Caulking agent ten big brand three, kitchen and balcony kitchen and the balcony also can have the use of stone door, especially some of the open door, kitchen and corridor, between the balcony and sitting room often do not have a suitable partition, the space separation effect then to the stone door. In addition, due to the kitchen, the balcony also can use water, so the stone door also combines the isolation effect of water. In general, the two stone door will be slightly higher than the balcony, the ground of the kitchen. In this case the stone door generally longer, covering an area of more. Considering the waterproof caulking products at the same time, also want to consider the door between stone caulking and overall coordination. On the choice of caulking color, at the same time match the stone door and floor tiles. Therefore, such as black, white, grey, gold such promise is caulking color can be accepted by the owner. But if you want to the pursuit of personality, caulking also have their own custom color, let the infinite color caulking can also reflect the owners of the overall domestic outfit of original ideas. Stone door while in decorate area proportion is not big, but it is a reasonable selected, after caulking and colorful packaging, also can bring different effect to the overall domestic outfit. Caulking owns true porcelain, porcelain, water-based epoxy, the edge water treasure to four categories of joint sealant products, to meet the demand of domestic various caulking decorated commonly. Do not stimulate caulking product environmental protection, color full, anti-fouling, anti-mildew antibacterial wear-resisting, not only bring home beautiful visual effects, also for the future owner bring green and healthy life.
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