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What is ceramic tile seam filling agent change color?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Caulking after construction, caulking after-sales problems is most easily caulking discoloration. Some owners don't understand the professional knowledge about caulking, found problems must be considered a caulking caulking grout product quality problems, caulking division is often in the later in the process of repairing also complained by the owner. Causes of caulking color has a lot of, caulking detailed list for you today, also hope that the general caulking careful attention in construction process, for owner to make the perfect satisfaction gap filling. The cause of the gap filling discoloration. Deep clean the gap to have certain gap filling gap larger ceramic tile, must be clear when doing caulking seams. Especially with lime, cement, etc. To fill the gap, be sure to do deep cleaning, ensure clean up before the crack of internal gap filling grout has been completely dry. Clean up the crack depth to mm, best after cleaning with high power vacuum suction internal dust. Play materials, due to the gap is deeper, needs to be played full some caulking, avoid caulking is too thin to affect the overall effect of caulking. 。 Caulking material influence of ceramic tile itself for some of the big gap of ceramic tile, need to do before caulking caulking. And caulking material also has close relationship with caulking discoloration. In general, if not completely dry after caulking for caulking construction, water volatilization in the caulking materials drying process will affect the caulking, will lead to caulking discoloration. Of this, if you use the lime, cement the material of this kind of caulking, even in construction has confirmed the caulking is dry, but as long as the continuous wet weather or indoor moisture is too high, can increase water content of caulking material, resulting in caulking products change color. 。 Owner over clean some owner likes to keep the home clean, small big drag off five days, three days of the kitchen oil steel ball will be used for clearing up the gap. Such a high intensity, regular cleaning, is unfavorable for caulking. Caulking materials after the upgrade at present stage has certain promotion in the abrasion, but again the wear-resisting products also arrive but long wire ball friction. Over time, caulking surface scarred, nature also will change color. On the other hand, even if caulking dry finish, did not change its chemical form. If you use a strong acid alkali detergent to scrub metope, ground caulking contamination to the strong acid, alkali, chemical reaction happens, change its form, the surface nature also become angry phenomenon.
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