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What is ceramic tile seam filling agent price measure?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
What is ceramic tile seam filling agent price measure? Ceramic tile seam filling grout price of indeterminacy of dispute, what reason be? First is filled seam an grout's own raw material price, the second is the construction difficulty of caulking, next we introduce:
caulking grout construction process:
1, things ready: glue guns, wallpaper knife, silicone scraper, small bucket, crepe paper.
2, choose the color of caulking agent: usually, customers according to their own love, can also be used by our company professionals according to the color of ceramic tile to introduce to the customer.
3, operation process: materials mouth poke a hole in the center of the jar, then twist on the discharging mouth, with wallpaper will discharging mouth cut 45 & deg; At the mercy of the slope Angle, ceramic tile seam is less than 2 mm, discharging mouth out the front slope Angle; Ceramic tile seam is greater than 2 mm, to pare off a slightly more; Discharging mouth width should be slightly smaller than seam width, in order to make sure no flash.
4, construction measure
( 1) Make a brief appearance on the scene after cleaning, and then use the wallpaper knife ceramic tile seam inside and two head padding or dust cleaning up clean, not allowed to have a floating dust on the floor;
( 2) Sew sponge in water rapidly scrub ceramic tile, make sure no dust, with a glue gun material evenly in brick joints, 1 meter mercy, stop discharging mouth;
( 3) With silica gel plate will scrape to evenness immediately, two head spilled a small amount of material, brick joints erased with a slightly wet sponge, brush a few times more, sponge to often clean water;
( 4) Such an area from start playing again after you again the second time, to ensure the quality of construction;

these are small make up the measure of the caulking gun construction bid, hope through this article, can help to you. Caulking are inexpensive and absolutely is your home filling construction joints of choice. For more information, go to wuhan building material co. , LTD's website for more consultation!
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