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What is customer signing the speed of light, the truth of the agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
This morning, caulking xuzhou branch manager zhu manager for small make up congratulation, yesterday one customer in the background, and almost at the speed of light and reached a consensus, the signing of the local grout. You know, this customer from website backstage message to sign a contract, only less than an hour. It, in addition to xuzhou investment manager professional the zealous service attitude, with its own policies and nature of power is inseparable. Caulking enterprise's own strength to receive the customer's trust, the enterprise itself shall be strong. Caulking years has stationed in caulking market, how it works in the caulking grout industry is not regulated, caulking market under the condition of variable quality, caulking maverick, the independent research and development, production, sales, construction set at an organic whole, to build a complete caulking production chain, let caulking on each link to be able to check list, ensure the quality of caulking products. Today, the caulking products pass by to improve continuously research and development, which owns water porcelain, porcelain, porcelain epoxy, the treasure to four categories of products, meet the demand of all kinds of ceramic tile type, family caulking. Caulking in jinan, shandong, anhui ma on shan has two modern production base, the operation of the modern assembly line for caulking products to keep up with market supply and demand change. Service centers all over the country, for consumers in a timely manner, solve the problem of pre-sale after sale. On the product quality, caulking is enough kung fu. Caulking materials imported raw materials are high purity, guarantee the caulking products in the process of production and use not volatilize harmful substances. The product on a regular basis every year to the detection of the specialized institutions, and public inspection report, do caulking security transparency, let caulking consumers use at ease. In view of the above points, caulking can in caulking market competition for many years, have their own market. And caulking wish more than that, caulking in its powerful at the same time, also hope to make development of caulking have stronger together, and hope that more unable to entrepreneurs, undertaking to fulfill the dream through his own efforts. Caulking, therefore, in this year, opens the agent mode. Proxy mode to keep pace with The Times more seize the pain points entrepreneurship at first it was difficult, it is a question of experienced, but as an important business partner, don't want the trust of customers to repeat past mistakes. Then, a set of zero jiamingfei, have joined the welfare, enjoy the protection area of agent model was born. To investment projects have a lot of startup, he cut part of the investment for entrepreneurs. High initial entrepreneurs often difficult to make this move, will not charge jiamingfei, entrepreneurs need to buy early need caulking products. Influential in local, not just rely on the brand itself, the entrepreneurs themselves also should make necessary propaganda. A clean shop, a loud door head is needed, and the development of a variety of advertising publicity, activity is needed, and these, will provide entrepreneurs with caulking. Caulking with unified storefront design and inside door head, let entrepreneurs have consistent with the brand image of store image. Headquarters have professional graphic designer, provide some design about the advertising campaign for entrepreneurs, let the other consumers in the vast market of caulking, attention to the product at a glance. In addition, for the novice entrepreneurs, inside also has many years of marketing experience, let the novice entrepreneurs will not feel confused at the beginning of the operation. Unified storefront and publicity design, of course, there are also some entrepreneurs to worry the same region have problems with brand competition. Agents adhere to the principle of generation of a city, and in a specific area will only signing an agent, and every agent's information, the company's internal can have records, the phenomenon of regional overlap, shanzhai agents won't occur. Professional the zealous service attitude convincing hardware facilities in place, also have to keep up with the software facilities. Caulking in caulking website, caulking WeChat public service hotline platform, caulking hours can accept entrepreneurs to join the request, as long as entrepreneurs leave information, caulking contact entrepreneurs will make timely feedback. In the process of contact, whether to join or not, caulking with professional service attitude for the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs consulting caulking questions. at the same time, to have been signed, the client manager will do customer pays a return visit regularly, know what customers want now, listen to their opinions and Suggestions, for service to do better and better. If you have any activity information, preferential policies, internal caulking will promptly inform the agent, invite them to participate in the activities. These visits are not temporary, as long as it is at the beginning is responsible for the customer manager, agent, after signing a contract with any question can be asked the docking account manager with you. Caulking agent model of success, by paying the joint efforts of all the family members, it is because of such a powerful, just can have more entrepreneurs infected, to join this big family, joint venture, make progress together. Caulking agent is still in the hot investment promotion, if you have passion, have a dream, work hard, then join gap filling agent, to complete the dream together!
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