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What is the cause of the ceramic tile of caulking FanJian? How to solve?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Ceramic tile seam filling agent FanJian phenomenon affects the adornment effect of the ceramic tile gap filling, reduce beautiful can also affect the material's durability and mechanical properties, reducing the service life of decorative stone and caulking. If you want to completely solve the problem of the whiskering ceramic tile gap filling agent, we first need to understand the causes of the formation of whiskering. Whiskering is soluble salt with moisture evaporation and migration to the outside of the ceramic tile crystal precipitation formation on the surface of a phenomenon, especially in such as cement mortar, concrete products are common. In general, have been easy to produce ceramic tile ceramic tile aperture gap filling operation FanJian phenomenon. A, caulking FanJian reason, good shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile to binding mortar after consolidation, for caulking, time generally need more than h, large thickness, low temperature should be appropriately extended, otherwise easy to have alkali returns. , rainy days drive time limit in the rain, or in order to complete the caulking construction as soon as possible after the rain, the humidity larger ceramic tile shop sticks weather conditions for operation, and not to dry the environment and for gap filling operation, easy to produce FanJian. Near the window, balcony and so on easily easily into place, no seal after just finished, caulking, failed to isolate the entry of moisture, rain and dust into the inside of ceramic tile aperture, thus FanJian phenomenon. , within a short period of time after caulking clean ceramic tile in the caulking construction is completed, to keep the caulking dry, if done in caulking hours to clean ceramic tile gap filling, can affect not only inside the drying time of ceramic tile aperture, can also make ceramic tile aperture FanJian phenomenon. High alkali content of cement, cement mixing with water is too little, when the shop sticks ceramic tile is too high, lead to alkali content of cement powder was not fully wetting by water and the phenomenon of dispersion, easy cause caulking agent in filling into contact with the ceramic tile in ceramic tile seam side down, spent somehow caulking not joint density and surface strength and normal internal loose phenomenon, in dry process of cement and alkali can't evaporate as moisture evaporation, to penetrate to the surface, forming a base layer. But after the rain infiltration of cement in the rain for a long time, and then hydration reaction of the alkali and white FanJian with water up to the surface analysis. , not dry at the grass-roots level in general, tile adhesive mortar after consolidation, for gap filling operation, a rough estimate of completely dry time for hours. When the shop sticks ceramic tile, because of the rainy season rob period, decorate worker on the ground floor is not completely dry conditions for gap filling operation. The underlying internal saline class material is not as dry and precipitation, formed between ceramic tile aperture FanJian. Second, the solution is solved ceramic tile gap filling agent FanJian approach mainly by using dilute hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid products such as acid cleaning, effectively neutralize alkaline levels in the ceramic tile gap filling. After clear the FanJian parts all can do caulking, or make a caulking FanJian before there will be problems. Answer to the question of the ceramic tile FanJian should be washed, first with water from top to bottom to ceramic tile is rinsed clean, again and again to ensure that the alkaline cleaning thoroughly, in order to ensure the caulking dry environment, suggested that depending on the ambient temperature will be dry for three days or longer at the grass-roots level. If the local weather is wet, it is the rinse after use the dryer, air conditioning equipment on the ground for drying operation. Use ℃ warm water in oxalic acid solution for acid pickling, first allocation percentage to oxalic acid solution, the oxalic acid solution besmear brushs FanJian to ceramic tile aperture, make sufficient oxalate and crack on the surface of the alkali neutralization. After being surface completely non-alkali waiting gap inside completely dry can begin caulking construction. Considering the small ceramic tile aperture, the pickling method may affect the surface of the ceramic tile, therefore decided to adopt methods to improve water washing method, so as to protect the ceramic tile surface not destroyed by chemical composition. At present to solve tile caulking whiskering mainly by pickling or water washed, and this method has many disadvantages, it can only be a temporary solution has been part of the whiskering, can not fundamentally solve the whiskering. In order to fundamentally solve the problem of brick whiskering caulking agent or from the quality of ceramic tile seam filling agent and construction quality to do well. Caulking's home that jay water porcelain is a kind of using domestic waterborne two-component caulking products of environmental protection material. Its advanced environmental protection concept, adhering to the market with high gloss, good adhesion and environmental protection, operation is convenient, the advantages of easy to clean, no smell. It in water for dispersion medium, does not contain organic solvent, does not cause air pollution, can satisfy the demands of the present family decorates environmental protection! Caulking was founded in Hong Kong, Kowloon, start at the beginning of this caulking master plan, for the employment gap filling division and want to into the line must caulking provide opportunities, forming a new mode of business cooperation. After a year of effort, has been successfully signed caulking division team above all, the successful hosting of the caulking teacher training, let many joining partner to complete their dream.
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