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What is the correct way of using the ceramic tile gap filling agent? Household is common sense!

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Believe we all know, ceramic tile is used after a period of time in the home, ceramic tile aperture within easy accumulation of dirt, as time passes ceramic tile aperture is easy to turn black, is not beautiful! So now, many families will choose to do caulking when decorate, because caulking color is rich, have burnish, all kinds of ceramic tile color, at the same time because its surface is bright and clean, easy to remove from the largest extent, make up for the deficiency of the ceramic tile, have the effect of icing on the cake, so ceramic tile seam filling agent should be how to use the correct? First simple introduction for everyone under tile gap filling agent, caulking agent is composed of high-tech polymer and high-grade paint, is used to decorate the product of aperture, suitable for ceramic tile, stone gap of beautification, such as caulking generally consists of one-component caulking agent and a two-component seam filling agent, one-component caulking agent costs low durability and hardness is lower, compared with the simple construction, convenient and affordable! Construction process of ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling a caulking construction - — To prepare materials, cleaning the brick joints as the saying goes 'a knife and cut wood workers', first to see the need to prepare the tools and materials, tools, glue guns, brush, pen knife, sponge, scraper, rags, shovel knife, such as crepe paper, material: gap filling agent. Prepare tool the first thing to do is clean up ceramic tile aperture, first with a pen knife clean ceramic tile of sundry, cleared out the edges on both sides of the brick joints, to clean up the middle of sundry, to clean up the depth in mm or so, and then use the brush with a wet sponge will crack in sundry brush clean, this part must be clean, especially the position such as ceramic tile edge, otherwise it will affect the use fixed number of year of caulking. Clean ceramic tile aperture gap filling construction 2 - — Install glue guns, for caulking agent in the first gap on both sides of the affix, crepe paper note to close to the crack (crepe paper Easy to clean up late) , and then the caulking agent into glue gun, glue guns, infuse caulking agent (slightly hard to crack Glue guns and cracks show ° Angle) And (the caulking agent evenly into the slot The wall from top down construction) , if it's summer, remember to minutes to seam pressure, if it is winter seam pressure within minutes. ( Gap in wet can't play filled seam an agent) Injection of caulking agent ceramic tile gap filling construction of the three - — Caulking teeth, clean up the remaining material after caulking has finished, the next step is to pressure joint, with scraper caulking pressure flat without gap, especially the cross place pay particular attention to handle, then with a wet sponge will overflow caulking agent is wiped clean, then off, crepe paper to wait - if it is summer After hours, at least in the winter to wait for hours to clean. Tear is looks very simple crepe paper? But actually do caulking is very need patience and careful, the following need to pay attention to in the construction process and you talk about. Empty drum place cannot use gap filling agent, because the empty drum ceramic tile is stepped on deformation, time grew, caulking agent will fall off. Caulking agent preparation must be ready before construction, cracks inside to clean, can not have dust, water, etc. Caulking agent after construction, at least to wait for days before he can walk on the above, and at least need three days or so, to touch water. Construction completion believe everyone know now how should the caulking agent construction, also if you have other questions or problem welcome message within the site, we will answer for you as soon as possible!
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