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What is the difference between caulking agent and caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Caulking agent and caulking agent mainly depends on the difference between composition and performance: the caulking agent: ingredients are white cement and trace of polymers, pigments, have strong adhesiveness, narrow, decorate the sense is good, has good wear resistance, pressure resistance to mold the characteristics of the early on the market are such processing of ceramic tile aperture. Very difficult to clean, but the gap filling agent in the kitchen, toilet metope ceramic tile seam with a period of time will yellow black, shelter evil people and practices, mildew. Especially white white degree about %, the surface is slightly higher than that of white cement strength; Paste strength is low, pulverization phenomenon is serious, prone to yellow brick joints become dirty, is mould to breeding grounds in damp environment, direct hook wide brick seam will produce a large number of cracks; This is why many people will choose the cause of the black filled seam an agent, but black is preventing anything-from, the only advantage is low price. Gap filling agent, can strengthen the upgrade of its products is filled seam an agent, can completely replace the gap filling agent, make up for the insufficient of caulking agent, came to be known to many people, families and public places is decorated also began to fill the seam an agent as the standard, the polymer is mainly composed of high-tech content and high grade pigments and special additives with fine, rich colors, bright color, and with gold, silver, pearl color, stainless steel color, suitable for match with various color of ceramic tile; White white degree about the %, surface strength and high toughness good, its surface is bright and clean, and easy to scrub, convenient and clean, waterproof moisture-proof, avoid health dead Angle, can often maintain the original color, and ceramic tile not pollution during construction.
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