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What is the effect of temperature on the caulking agent construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
What is the effect of temperature on the caulking agent construction? For caulking agent construction, subject to the limit of the temperature, the northern parts such as northeast China, Inner Mongolia express delivery is not below zero, a lot of master to avoid the hot summer and cold winter. Caulking agent construction suitable temperature should be 5 - at room temperature 25 degrees Celsius. So we are not in favor of the hot summer and cold winter construction. But winter is warm, sometimes the temperature is just right for the construction of this season, so we also can undertake.

and southern climate is relatively wet, the rainy season, true porcelain adhesive seam an agent construction master to pay special attention to the need to fill in, if it is rainy day, be sure to seal the window, otherwise it will prone to after curing the phenomenon of intermittent white, because the humidity is too big, lead to after curing, the surface light membrane blurred, the inside of the gold, and you won't come at this time there will be looking at white, a polishing is golden yellow, with water water dry, white again. Caulking agent acting tips, when find this kind of situation must check in the day, the day, if wait until the next day, is very trouble to deal with.

if the user's own construction, in addition to avoid the influence of temperature, but also pay attention to other factors, such as caulking agent construction before the clean degree of aperture or aperture is dry, and the choice of caulking agent is also a science, the toughness slightly smaller than ceramic tile toughness of caulking agent, so as to conform to the ceramic tile expansion joints, preventing cracking and ceramic tile brick joints separation.

the strength of the gap filling agent should be large, high flatness should, in this way can we guarantee after caulking, face flush with brick, brick joints would not concave appeared gap filling agent, shelter evil people and practices easily collapse, the problem of pollution is difficult to clean up. Colour to diversity, colors should be bright, color is filled seam an agent construction requirements, and adhesive capacity should be big enough, so that to protect prevent empty drum ceramic tile activities to protect the glaze.
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