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What is the tile? What are the type?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
In insipid domestic outfit design, all plain coloured tiles, see much too boring. With the rise of agitation restoring ancient ways, floret brick restoring ancient ways as fashion and both the goblins, broke the silence, the mainstream domestic outfit is new bestow favor on. A, what is the tile? So-called tile, is a kind of ceramic tile, but compared to the ordinary ceramic tile products, tiles on the technology to be more complicated, need to ceramic tile ceramic tile or decorative pattern, pattern on them to make all sorts of modelling. In general, tile for wall decoration, also used for ground decoration. Tile also have a lot of, the kinds of the selection of suitable for different household style, you can choose freely. 2 what types, tile? The types of tile is very rich, according to the production process, including polishing brick, tile, crystal tile and Mosaic style category. Printing technology USES, the glaze on craft technique, high temperature kiln, as well as surface treatment, tile brings out the unusual visual effects. In addition to the above types of tile, tile according to the pattern size, can also be divided into single piece of tile and Mosaic tiles. In general, tiling design with flowers and abstract geometric graphics for the mainstream, usually on space design collocation with series of brick, let a space produce mutiple level changes. And these geometric patterns have greatly small, can be a single piece of brick can be collage! Third, tiles have what advantage? Ceramic tile, tile has a long history of primitive simplicity in do not break vogue was first used in decoration, people joining together into a decorative, with shells, rocks, decorate household. As the ceramic tile glaze decorative pattern in the early egyptians and Roman Mosaic pattern, can see the figure of tiles. And modern, tiles as common building materials, more technology and the pattern choice, accomplished the tiling that restore ancient ways more fashionable element, light life. , tile decorative pattern is unique, strong artistic tile decorative pattern design is very unique, can choose a novel pattern, also can choose a classic decorative pattern, whatever the household style can be chosen to suit style, tile. Pieces of tiling ornament gently, often can say goodbye to the silence of the actual, to point out the different art show, indoor environment seems to be very stylish. , tile, style diversity, dynamic and changeful tiles from the prototype of the ancient to the modern clever, schools of thought contend, to form a rich and colorful style characteristic. Tiling design and color is various, from the simple but elegant and chic to singular magnificent, different pattern, different color can open a cyber space, body odor changed life. What are four, tile ceramic tile seam filling agent? White, it is the joker color of ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling agent, has a good visual effect. If the tile pattern itself is visible, the best collocation of white ceramic tile seam filling agent. Sometimes, also should pay attention to when the tile ceramic tile seam filling agent and tile echo, choose the tile color decorative pattern do color brick joints, make brick joints also cleverly integrated into the frame, make the overall visual effect is better. Floret brick, it is a form of ceramic tile, ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling agent, some issues need to be paid attention to by tiling is no exception! In addition to protecting the ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling grout, cosmetic, brick joints of space shaping of the stereo feeling more wonders! It is worth noting that must choose the ceramic tile seam filling agent products of excellent quality and professional construction team, the effect can be ensured, and ignite the passion of life. Ceramic tile seam filling agent focus on research and development, the control production, set up perfect quality management system, quality guarantee is to give the partners and the owner of the biggest sincerity and support, is also the responsibility of the enterprise.
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