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What kind of ceramic tile seam filling agent price is about?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Ceramic tile seam filling agent constantly sought after by the people, makes the' target='_blank'>caulking gun become the new favorite of decoration industry. Gap filling agent, of course, the price also the most people's attention, different brands has different price. Now in the market of ceramic tile gap filling agent variety is more, the price is a bit messy. So ceramic tile seam filling grout is probably what price?

in terms of caulking agent
1, according to the size of ceramic tile to charge; Big piece of brick lower, less seam; Such as 800 * 800 * 600 mm and 600 mm; Small size of the brick expensive, seam more workload;

2, chamfer of archaize brick seam is more expensive; The concrete houses some of the price difference; Some caulking detailed quotation points; Generally 12 - nanjing area - 25 yuan per square meter including quantity, small brick terrace, Mosaic is the most expensive; There are differences between the price of around; Artificial cost, cost of materials is different;

the majority of users are concerned about ceramic tile seam filling agent price. Now most family decorate choose caulking grout making ceramic tile seam. Because caulking agent not only beautiful and waterproof mouldproof, easy to clean. But how do caulking? Most of caulking is made in the original ceramic tile to sew a thin layer of caulking agent, over time there will be a falls off phenomenon. The service life is greatly reduced. So we suggest that the owner that decorates new do caulking to do full fill. Make up and down all the ceramic tile seam filled the gap filling agent, will not fall off, prolong the service life of more than ten years. To achieve the result that will never fall off.

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